Team Knicks

6’1 ’19 Sean McCabe- The combo-guard showcased a lot of useful tools during the first showing of the day. McCabe scored efficiently from all three levels while regularly creating for himself and others. He handles the ball with care and displayed a quality IQ on both ends of the floor. McCabe operates within the team concept and looks to get others involved whenever possible. He’s a college-level player that could thrive at a variety of different programs.



6’3 ’19 Deangelo Patterson- No player scored the ball with more consistency or a higher degree of difficulty than Patterson. He carried the offensive burden for this team and did so with great poise, variety, and consistency. Patterson hit everything, from turnarounds and pull-ups to drives and spot-up chances from beyond the arc. He’s simply wired to score and knows how to generate a clean shot with little to no space.


Durham Hurricanes

6’0 ’21 Cole Sinclair- The well-rounded guard was the main part of the Hurricanes’ success today, given the way he controlled the action, reliably scored, and made plays for others. He provides an incredibly calm, steady presence on the court and knows how to make the right play with regularity. Sinclair plays with intelligence and utilizes his body extremely well to absorb contact when penetrating.


Team Charlotte

6’3 ’21 Glenn Bynum Jr.- The all-purpose guard did an excellent job of maintaining his impressive motor and overall energy level while actively affecting all facets of the game. He burdened the offensive load for his team, but also showed quality playmaking skills and was able to accumulate multiple assists in this contest. Bynum was arguably the best defender on either team and forced numerous turnovers by jumping into passing lanes.


Greensboro Warriors

6’5 ’20 Ahmil Flowers- The wing/forward prospect is very well-rounded and capable of leading a team on both ends of the floor. He handles the ball well for his size and gets downhill at an excellent rate, which allows him to effortlessly enter the paint and make plays at the rim. Flowers plays hard, rebounds at a high rate, and can create for himself or others, especially in transition.


Team Winston

6’7 ’19 Zack Austin- There’s so much to like with the intriguing combo-forward, who is athletic, aggressive, versatile, and possesses an excellent feel for the game. He has a blossoming offensive skillset with the ability to handle the ball and score on all three levels. Austin is somewhat between positions, but is able to reliably play either forward spot, given his size and ball-skills. He’s smart and plays very hard, which makes him a menacing defensive player.

Team Hickory

6’4 ’20 Lane Harrill- The wiry forward prospect did a little bit of everything during this contest, scoring, facilitating, and operating nicely within the team concept. He is a well-rounded role player that can assume more offensive responsibilities when necessary, but typically works within himself and doesn’t force the action on either end of the floor.


Team Loaded

6’2 ’21 Carter Whitt- Though it’s probably been true for a while now, Whitt is quite clearly the most poised and polished playmaker in the state of North Carolina, regardless of class. He takes care of the ball and sees the floor incredibly well, which allows him to make reads that other guards simply cannot. Whitt showed some improved athleticism, both at the point of attack and when looking to play above the rim.


Team Charlotte

6’5 ’20 Daniel Ransom- No player in the building has filled the glue-guy role better than Ransom, who seemed to contribute in every possible way throughout this contest. He plays with a nonstop motor, which allows him to cause havoc on both sides of the ball. Ransom is a switchable defender with size, strength, and well-rounded athleticism; he accumulates blocks and steals at an impressive rate while actively containing three to four positions at the high school level.


WNC Big Cats

6’0 ’20 JaJuan Carr- The point guard prospect was the main driving force for this WNC Big Cats team. He didn’t necessarily look to score a ton throughout this showing, but still applied solid pressure on the offensive side of the ball. Carr is such an intelligent two-way player with vision and natural playmaking instincts. He can score on all three levels but typically places a stronger emphasis on managing the action and making the right play. Carr is a bulldog defender that can force on-ball turnovers with regularity.


Team Loaded

6’2 ’21 Elijah Jamison- The quick-twitch point guard had no issue making his mark throughout this contest, especially as a scorer. He gets by opponents and attacks the basket with absolute relentlessness, which can be overwhelming for most guards to handle. Jamison possesses a terrific feel for his skillset and generates shots with incredible ease.


Team Knicks

6’6 ’20 Ben Burnham- The long, wiry post prospect does a great job of affecting the action on both sides of the ball. He’s a surprising athlete that welcomes contact and can easily play above the rim. Burnham spaces the floor well and is capable of knocking down perimeter shots with solid consistency. He plays extremely hard and does an excellent job of rebounding and altering shots around the basket.


Team Loaded

6’8 ’20 Terrance Johnson- Few players have been more intriguing than Johnson, especially during the early afternoon set of games. He’s long, wiry, and very athletic, which allows him to cause problems and play well above the rim in transition. Johnson showed the ability to step out and knock down perimeter shots at a decent clip, which adds an entirely new dimension to his game and notably raises his long-term ceiling.