Team Winston

5’11 ’21 Camian Shell- The point guard was arguably Team Winston’s best performer to open the second day of Phenom Stay Positive. He’s such an excellent leader that sets the tone on both sides of the ball. Shell is so smart and steady on offense, which allows him to highlight his phenomenal balance between scoring and playmaking. He’s extremely tough, especially when attacking the basket and finishing through traffic, but also showed the ability to knock down jumpers from the perimeter throughout this contest.


Team Charlotte

6’3 ’21 Amare Haynie- No player showcased a stronger motor than Haynie during the first set of games, as he was simply everywhere today. He possesses exceptional length and understands how to properly utilize it as an on-ball defender. Haynie really embraces his defensive presence and proved to be a headache for most opponents. He handled the ball pretty effectively on offense and was able to get to the rim at a solid rate. Haynie has a chance to become really intriguing over these next few years.


6’8 ’21 Nate Brafford- Upon first glance, most folks wouldn’t know how special Brafford can be. However, it becomes increasingly clear when watching him operate with IQ, poise, and meticulousness at all times. He’s rain-thin, but has a great frame and should be able to add strength in the coming years. Brafford displays touch with both hands and is capable of working inside or outside of the arc, given his three-level scoring ability. He’s a prospect that college coaches should start to pursue.



6’9 ’20 Joe Flucus- The lone big man for this team stood out with his rim-running abilities, as he did a quality job of protecting the rim and running the floor in transition. Flucus plays hard, displays touch, and finishes strong through contact. He has the chance to be a phenomenal long-term prospect, especially if he continues to develop and get quicker. Flucus is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his upside.



6’0 ’20 Arrington Jones- The high-IQ floor general was arguably the most impressive prospect from this contest. He was a vocal leader that communicated on both sides of the ball and looked to create for others at a pretty strong rate. Jones set the floor for others and displayed excellent vision when getting downhill in transition. He played with a great pace to his game and scored the ball with terrific efficiency from all three levels.


6’0 ’20 Carson Luper- As reliable as Jones was, this PSB group was in dire need of the scoring punch that Luper provided. He showcased quickness and was able to navigate pretty well off the dribble to set himself up for success. Luper knocked down shots from all levels, but looked the most effective when attacking the basket or spotting-up along the perimeter.


Team Wall SE

6’4 ’20 Jalen King Joiner- The athletic wing prospect seemed to be everywhere throughout this contest, as he played with energy and did an excellent job of affecting various facets of the game. Joiner stood out as a defensive dynamo with his ability to block shots, jump into passing lanes, and switch across all positions. He worked with a strong motor and rebounded the ball incredibly well for his position. Joiner knocked down multiple three-pointers and was arguably their most productive two-way performer during this showing.


6’3 ’19 Latrell Jones- The strong-bodied forward prospect is somewhat between positions but always seems to find a way to contribute. He’s very physically imposing and welcomes contact on both sides of the ball. Jones is a powerful athlete that plays with aggression at all times and looks to impact the game however possible. He possesses pretty solid ball skills for his size/position and is able to create for himself or others fairly well.


1 Carolina

6’3 ’20 Deneil Mackins- The strong-bodied guard prospect was easily the most productive and reliable performer for this 1 Carolina team. He proved to be an efficient three-level scorer that can generate a clean shot with relative ease. Mackins has a strong frame and understands how to properly utilize his body to absorb contact when finishing around the basket. He also showed the ability to contain his position while rebounding and forcing turnovers at a pretty solid rate.


New Light Disciples

6’9 ’20 Kuluel Mading- There’s already so much to like with the big man, even though he’s just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term abilities. Mading is a phenomenal rebounder that utilizes his blend of length and timing to outwork bigger/stronger opponents. He has nice touch with either hand but also is capable of stepping beyond the arc and knocking down shots when given time and space. Mading is already a very useful defensive player that should develop nicely upon physically maturing.


5’11 ’21 Jamarii Thomas- After being sidelined for almost an entire year, Thomas has returned to the hardwood and already looks close to his previous form. His quickness is still apparent and he utilizes it well to enter the paint, which allows to frequently make plays for himself and others. Thomas is quite bouncy for his size and can surprise opponents with his ability to play above the rim. He has great vision, passing instincts, and sees the floor extremely well in transition. Thomas is smart and has an abundance of useful tools to work with, which should make him a prospect to monitor going forward.


Team Wall SE

6’5 ’19 Joel Pettiford- The big, athletic post prospect was the most impactful two-way player on this team, as he did an excellent job of establishing his strong interior presence on both ends of the floor. Pettiford understands how to play with a strong motor, especially on defense, and is capable of switching between the paint and perimeter. He’s a big-time athlete that uses his verticality to play above the rim for blocks, rebounds, and dunks. Pettiford is already a definite college-level prospect, so it’ll be interesting to see what programs get involved.