The Defenders

6’5 ’20 Hamidou Sibide- The long, athletic wing prospect was arguably the most dominant performer from this contest. He was able to attack the basket virtually whenever he wanted and finished extremely inside the paint. Sibide showcased an abundance of defensive tools and possesses phenomenal upside on that end of the floor.


CSB Elite

6’6 ’19 Josh Robinson- The long, wiry wing/forward prospect possesses a very intriguing blend of skills, which allowed him to stand out as the most productive player on this team. He rebounded extremely well, especially considering his lack of true strength. Robinson scored the ball consistently from inside the paint.



6’0 ’20 Malachi Holt- The strong-bodied guard prospect has stood out as a leader for this CEBA team throughout the weekend. He knows how to effortlessly get downhill and attack the basket, but is also capable of stopping and pulling-up from midrange. Holt is a smart ball-handler with quality vision and the ability to set the tone on offense.


NC Raptors

6’0 ’20 Andrew Smith- Few guys proved to be better shot-makers than Smith, who scored the ball unbelievably well in this contest from start to finish. He is crafty enough to create for himself off the bounce but is also capable of finding seams within the defense and scoring on cutting opportunities.


NC Go Hard

6’3 ’20 AK Tate- There’s a lot to like with this Go Hard squad, especially as Tate continues to look like a scholarship-level prospect. He’s a very smart, smooth guard prospect that often operates as the main creator for this squad. Tate is an efficient scorer, quality rebounder, and intelligent decision-maker that can pile on points from all three levels.


PSB Brim

6’2 ’20 Nishawn Hodge- There have been a lot of quality guard prospects on display, but Hodge might be the best of the group. He has an exceptional feel for the game and can seamlessly toggle between playing with or without the ball in his hands. Hodge scores the ball consistently from all three levels and has the necessary vision to make high-level passes.


Carolina Knights

6’2 ’19 Nasir Johnson- Perhaps no point guard on display was a better game manager than Johnson, who continuously made smart decisions with the ball while operating as the main creator for the team. Johnson knows how to play with patience and looks to score as needed.


Team Charlotte Herron

6’3 ’21 Glenn Bynum Jr.- The high-motor guard continues to outwork every opponent in his path. His energy level makes him almost uncontainable and allows him to secure so many extra possessions. Bynum scored the ball particularly well from inside the arc in this contest and caused a lot of problems for the opposition defensively and in transition.


WBC Elite

6’3 ’20 Mikai Stanley- The strong, stocky forward prospect is consistently among the most productive performers for this team and continued that notion today. He’s somewhat undersized for his position but understands how to play physical and assert himself on both ends of the floor. Stanley is a great two-way rebounder that can operate inside or step out and knock down three-pointers.


NC Ice

6’5 ’21 Treyvon Byrd- The long, athletic wing prospect might be the best long-term prospect in attendance at Phenom G3 Showcase. His overall feel for the game has improved noticeably over the last year and now looks even more poised to lead a team. Byrd is an incredibly tough assignment for any opponent to try and contain, especially given his fluidity and ability to create for himself or others.


Team FLY

6’2 ’20 Xavier Kesler- The quick, scrappy lead guard stood out with his quality decision-making and ability to get downhill and enter the paint whenever he desires. Kesler plays in attack mode and capable of scoring from anywhere inside the arc, but also does a nice job of hitting open teammates in ideal scoring position.