Team Knicks

6’5 ’20 Ben Burnham- The long, wiry post continues to be the main leader and most productive two-way player on this team. He utilizes ball-fakes to get by opponents and highlight his surprising athleticism at the rim. Burnham scores the ball efficiently from all three levels and does a nice job of altering shots around the basket.


NC Spartans

6’2 ’20 Isaac Spainhour- There’s a lot to like with the well-rounded guard prospect, especially considering his consistent presence on both ends of the floor. Spainhour handles and passes the ball well but is also capable of truly thriving as an off-ball threat and taking advantage of scoring opportunities within the flow of the offense. He outworks opponents for rebounds, makes extra passes, and simply plays the right way.


NC Spartans West

6’3 ’20 Carson Lomax- The strong-bodied guard prospect displayed a lot of useful tools throughout this contest. He worked as a primary ball-handler, created scoring chances for himself and others, and attacked the rim with relentlessness whenever possible. Lomax played with a strong motor on defense and



6’4 ’20 Jesse Blu Walters- The smooth, wiry guard prospect put on a clinic with his usual scoring display from all three levels. He can lead an efficient offense in scoring while also looking to make plays for others at a solid rate. Walters is instant offense but also does a nice of working without the ball and positioning himself for spot-up chances as well.


Bertie Elite

6’8 ’19 Jacqwon Baylor- The strong-bodied big man displayed a lot of useful tools throughout this contest. He possesses excellent size, strength, and understands how to make his presence constantly felt on the glass and as a rim-protector. Baylor has quality touch around the basket and utilizes his size well to clear out space. He also highlighted terrific vision for his position and made some nice passes from the high post.


Team Charlotte Herron

5’10 ’21 Jalen Hinton- No matter the setting, the undersized guard is able to apply nonstop scoring pressure from all three levels. He is lightning-quick and takes opponents off the dribble with relative ease. Hinton is a willing passer with solid vision and the ability to outwork his assignment on defense. That being said, he continued to make a lasting impression with his offensive performance.


Sharpshooters Elite

6’5 ’19 Shyheed Williams- The big-bodied wing/forward prospect arguably showcased more versatility than anyone else from this contest. He works as a lead ball-handler and creates pretty well for himself and others. Williams is aggressive, especially inside the paint, and does a nice job of outworking opponents for rebounds on both ends of the floor.


Carolina Dream Team

6’3 ’20 Travis Cooper- The long, fairly athletic wing prospect showcased a lot of scoring prowess today. He attacked the rim consistently, finished well through contact, and drew a ton of fouls while doing a nice job of creating for himself. He’s a hard worker that is willing to make the extra pass and thrives in transition.


WBC Elite

6’0 ’20 Jajuan Carr- Somehow, it seems that Carr continues to get better with each new viewing, which is pretty incredible, especially since most should consider him the top junior point guard in North Carolina. Everything he does is extremely intelligent. Carr effortlessly breaks down defenders and simply makes the game unbelievably easy for his teammates.


Team Wall Southeast

6’4 ’20 Jalen King Joiner- The long, athletic wing prospect didn’t score a ton in this contest, but continues to showcase an impressive motor and his ability to consistently alter shots. Joiner’s jumper continues to improve but has maintained his strong penetration presence.


Greensboro Warriors Unsigned Seniors

6’0 ’19 Taron Trotman- The point guard prospect stands out with his smooth, well-rounded approach on both ends of the court. He’s like a coach on the floor with the way he sets the table for his teammates and plays a smart, conservative brand of basketball. Trotman is a capable scorer and passer that knows how to position himself extremely well as a defender and rebounder.


Upward Stars Upstate White

6’4 ’19 Sean Jenkins- The newest addition to this Upward Stars Upstate team also stands as one of the most intriguing players on this roster. Jenkins has great positional size, understands the game, and shoots the ball at an extremely high level. He’s a definite college-level prospect that could be a great late get for the right program.


Team Winston

6’5 ’20 Matthew Patterson- The long, incredibly athletic wing continues to be one of the most intriguing prospects on display. Patterson is arguably the best closeout defender I’ve ever seen and accumulates a nonstop flow of deflections on that end of the floor. He doesn’t force the action on offense and does a fantastic job of scoring around the basket.


New Light Disciples

6’3 ’20 Trent McIntyre- The well-rounded guard was quite productive throughout this contest and made his presence consistently felt on both ends of the floor. McIntyre is a smart two-way player with a nice blend between skill and athleticism, which allows him to seamlessly operate with or without the ball in his hands and find success.


WCBA Unsigned Seniors

6’3 ’19 Jett Fortuny- The smooth off-guard continues to highlight his identity as a knockdown shooter, especially from beyond the arc. Fortuny remains one of (if not the) the top shooters across North Carolina and was able to further that sediment today. He fought hard on defense and looked to make extra passes whenever possible.


NC Go Hard

6’3 ’20 Luc Richard Rameau- The strong-bodied guard prospect looks like a somewhat non-traditional backcourt player, but has the necessary feel and skillset to control a game from start to finish. Rameau creates with ease and scores the ball with incredible efficiency from all three levels while constantly looking to get others involved. He moves well for his size and utilizes his body quite well on defense.


NC Empire

6’5 ’21 Brandis Kelly- Though slightly undersized, Kelly was arguably the most impressive performer for this Empire squad. He’s surprisingly explosive and plays much bigger than his size would imply. Kelly is an exceptional rebounder with great strength and the ability to protect the rim at a quality level. He ran the floor hard and scored at the rim numerous times during this contest.


Midstate Magic

6’8 ’19 TJ Nesmith- No post prospect has displayed a more fundamentally-sound approach than Nesmith. He’s stood out as one of the most polished interior players in attendance and possesses an extremely useful two-way skillset. Nesmith plays within himself and the team concept at all times, but also knows how to properly take advantage of a mismatch in the post.


Juice All-Stars Stephenson

6’6 ’20 Saiquone Harris- It’s difficult to understand how the incredibly versatile wing/forward prospect doesn’t have more action within his recruitment. He creates for himself and others with relative ease while applying strong three-level scoring pressure and playing above the rim whenever possible. Harris has an unbelievable frame and tremendous length, which makes him a walking mismatch for most opponents.


Greensboro Warriors

6’5 ’20 Ahmil Flowers- The two-way wing/forward was easily the most productive performer for this Greensboro Warriors team. He handles the ball, sets the floor for others, and does a great job of setting the tone as a rebounder. Flowers can be featured in a variety of different roles and is capable of thriving with or without the ball in his hands.