6’2 ’21 Collin Mills (Team Vision)

There’s a lot to like about Team Vision, especially when Mills is effectively leading the charge on both ends of the floor. He’s a great defender with quickness and positioning, which allows him to frequently force turnovers and get out in transition. Mills typically works more as a penetrator but knocked down numerous difficult jumpers throughout this showing. He should have scholarship-coaches in pursuit.

6’8 ’21 Peyton Gerald (QCAA)

The long, wiry forward/post prospect had another quality showing, displaying touch around the basket, running the floor in transition, and utilizing his length to make plays defensively. Gerald moves well for his size and can finish with skill or above the rim. He could be poised for a breakout senior season.

6’0 ’20 Justin Morton (Defenders Elite)

The Defenders Elite team is full of quality unsigned seniors, and Morton is certainly among that group. He’s a strong, tough, high-motor floor general with great vision and penetration instincts. He touches the paint regularly and can finish or setup others. Morton is a rugged defender that utilizes his quickness well on both ends of the floor.

6’0 ’21 Jaden Ellis (Cobras 2021)

There are a lot of useful new additions to this Cobras roster, and Ellis was another steady, poised contributor. He entered the game and simply made winning plays. Ellis set up others, scored at an efficient rate, and consistently found the best available scoring opportunity. He added IQ, defensive pressure, and a reliable presence in transition. Ellis should have no issue finding a place at the next level.

6’6 ’22 Collin Tanner (Raleigh’s Finest)

The appeal should be fairly obvious with Tanner, who is a long, wiry wing/forward with great two-way versatility. Tanner displays nice touch around the basket, operates well off the dribble, and can space the floor effectively from beyond the arc. He has a quality feel for the game, which is especially evident with his ability to switch across multiple positions on defense. Tanner utilizes his length nicely and seems to cause natural matchup problems for opponents.

6’1 ’22 Evan Montanari (Upward Stars 704)

With a ton of flair and flashiness going on in the current state of grassroots basketball, it’s easy to appreciate a very fundamental, straightforward approach—which Montanari provides extremely well. He handles the ball, makes smart decisions, and knocks down shots at a consistent rate from the perimeter. Montanatri has been productive in basically every setting over the years, so it’s not surprising to see him shine in this showing.

6’8 ’23 Aaron Hall (Charlotte Nets Gainey)

There is certainly intrigue throughout this Charlotte Nets roster, but Hall is arguably the most appealing of the group. He is their youngest prospect, but highlighted plenty of polish and useful skills throughout this contest. Hall utilized his body well and showed flashes of being able to work inside or spot-up around the perimeter.

6’5 ’21 Omarion Farrar (Capital City Pacers)

Another Capital City Pacers game leads to another productive showing for Farrar. He continues to do absolutely everything for this squad, from defending to rebounding to finding ways to score. Farrar has exceptional length and athleticism, but also displays nice skill. He has the tools to be a successful player at the next level.

5’11 ’22 Chastin Gatewood (Charlotte Supreme)

The Charlotte Supreme group is easily one of the tougher, more underrated teams in attendance, and Gatewood was a massive part of their success. He did a phenomenal job of operating as the offensive focal point throughout the weekend. Gatewood mixes it up with penetration, pull-ups, and three-pointers, but can also pass the ball well. When they were in need of a bucket, Gatewood rose to the occasion.

5’11 ’22 Cam Oates (Team Eat)

It would be difficult to find many floor generals more poised and intelligent than Oates, who never seems to waver in his approach to running a team. He’s a crafty, change-of-pace point guard with quality vision and the ability to score effectively from multiple levels on the floor. Oates is a great defender, largely due to IQ and quickness, and simply does what a true floor general should do.

5’11 ’21 Isiah Golden (Charlotte Dragons)

There are a lot of next-level prospects on this roster, but it’s impossible to ignore Golden’s dominance. He’s slightly undersized but quick, strong, and extremely tough. Golden is very intelligent, and it’s evident in the way he breaks down defenses to set up others. He scored the ball at a seemingly nonstop rate throughout the weekend, but also shined with his passing and defense. Golden is a leader and someone who deserves an opportunity at the next level.

6’1 ’21 Jamari Mann (PSB Clark)

It was a very balanced attack for PSB Clark during this showing, but Mann still stood out on numerous occasions. He’s a great defender and fairly well-rounded offensive threat with the ability to play with or without the ball in his hands. Mann rebounds well for his position and makes his presence felt nicely in transition.

6’2 ’21 Tysean Osby-Dawson (SC Ballers Elite)

The big, strong-bodied wing/forward prospect stood out from the opening tip with his toughness and high motor. He’s a fairly versatile two-way player, especially for his group, and does a quality amount of everything on both ends of the floor. Osby-Dawson utilizes his strength well to outwork opponents on the glass. 

5’11 ’21 De’Lanyc Shuler (EA Prep)

There were a lot of useful contributors for EA Prep, but Shuler was arguably their most reliable option throughout this contest. He’s a wiry guard with nice toughness and the ability to consistently make plays within the paint. Shuler can finish but also displays a useful pull-up and arsenal of in-between shots.

6’5 ’22 Travon Gray (Virginia Venom)

Although there were multiple standouts on this roster, Gray continues to stand out as their focal point. He’s young, skilled, and can really hurt opponents from midrange-in. Gray has great feel for the game and operates extremely well around the basket, displaying footwork, toughness, and the ability to finish in a variety of ways. He also rebounds well and runs the floor properly in transition. 

6’2 ’20 Cameron Haberstroh (Primetime Elite)

The wiry guard was able to assert himself in various ways on offense during this contest. He moved without the ball, knocked down jumpers, and filled in the gaps nicely on both ends of the floor. Haberstroh utilizes his length well defensively and fights hard for rebounds.