5’11 ’22 AJ Cook (CC Elite)

The high-IQ floor general was easily the most impressive prospect on this CC Elite squad. This team has plenty of shooters and scorers, but Cook’s ability to consistently create for others with poise and craftiness makes him extremely difficult for opposing guards. He sees the entire floor, especially in transition, and is capable of shooting efficiently from the perimeter.


6’1 ’22 Carlton Terry (Team Wall SE)

Always in attack mode, Terry was arguably the most productive scorer for this Team Wall squad throughout the weekend. He’s able to relentlessly attack the basket or spot-up without the ball and does an excellent job of leading the break in transition.


6’0 ’22 Davion Joyner (TMP)

The TMP organization has grown tremendously over the last few years, and it appears that Joyner could be the future of their team. He’s a well-rounded guard with sharp quickness and the ability to play either backcourt position. Joyner scores the ball efficiently from all over the floor and is able to quietly control the offense without forcing the action.


6’4 ’22 Jakwon Moore (Team United)

The long, wiry wing prospect is quite possibly the best long-term prospect on the entire roster, given his intriguing frame and useful array of skills. Moore can handle the ball, operate from midrange or beyond the arc, and make plays with his defensive IQ and positioning.


6’5 ’21 Jaelin Joyner (D1 Dynasty)

Not typically known for his shooting, Joyner was absolutely vital to the final result in this contest. He was very effective on both ends from start to finish through utilization of his length and defensive poise, but ultimately hit the game-winning shot from beyond the arc.


5’11 ’22 Ladarian McCree (1 Carolina)

There are so many appealing guards on this 1 Carolina team, but McCree stood out the most in their showing today. He has a great blend of IQ, size, scoring, and playmaking, but made the strongest impression with his consistently calm demeanor with the ball in his hands. McCree is going to be a very productive guard at the high school level.


6’2 ’20 Machai Holt (CEBA)

The strong-bodied lead guard continues to be one of the most productive all-around performers for this CEBA squad. Holt is a terrific downhill penetrator that can get into attack-mode with the blink of an eye. He has a great frame and knows how to properly utilize it on defense to play physical and welcome contact. Holt rebounds extremely well for the guard and is very tough to stop in transition, especially with the ball in his hands.


6’0 ’21 Ghalon Chrisley (NC Go Hard)

The NC Go Hard squad is one of the more balanced teams on display, and Chrisley made a ton of plays throughout this contest. He’s a long, wiry guard that handles the ball effectively but makes the most impact with his defense and ability to zoom past everyone in transition. Chrisley thrives in the open floor and does a nice job of making the extra pass when available.


6’2 ’22 Drew Bean (NC Flames)

In terms of energy and glue-guys, Bean was in a league of his own. He showcased the strongest motor of anyone in attendance and was consistently rewarded with rebounds, interior buckets, and second-chance opportunities. Bean isn’t typically known for his scoring, but his motor allowed him to be an offensive leader today.


5’9 ’22 Jamie Gibbs (East Carolina Phenomz)

The East Carolina Phenomz went back and forth throughout this showing, but Gibbs was a steady presence from start to finish. He offers a nice blend between scoring and playmaking, but typically looks to set up his teammates whenever possible. Gibbs displayed a nice two-way IQ and understands how to work without the ball as a cutter.