Every year it seems the David Rose Memorial Day Classic brings out the best in competitors. Good players step up to provide GREAT performances. This year, the event's 5th year is no different. Even in their first games played, there have been some unbelievable performances.

Numerous coaches are already in the gym, kids are making their name onto the recruiting rosters.

Let's take a look at some Early Morning Standouts from Proehlific Park

6'5' 2019 Trey Cousin
Mid StateMagic (NC)

This may end up being the performance of the event, but it is certainly the best performance this event as seen before noon on Day 1. Cousin is a known player, having picked up multiple D1 offers, prior to his knee injury. Well Cousin worked during his time out. He now stands 6'5' with a 6'8' wing span. He weighs in around 200 pounds and he has good flexibility in his frame.

This game he showcased the full offensive arsenal. The 3-point shot was wet as he showed comfort both off the catch and off the bounce. He created for himself off the bounce, showing good change of pace and ability as a secondary handler. His strength allowed him to take contact at the rim. All in all, Cousin showcased an obvious D1 skill set. Oh, he had 45 (FORTY-FIVE) points in this one.

5'11' 2019 Jai Rorie
Main Event Elite

We have known Rorie can flat shoot the cover off the ball. He has great footwork off the ball and always seems shot ready off the catch. This enables him to have one of the quickest releases in the gym. He delivers dagger after dagger, moving all over the perimeter, finding open areas and shooting it with he utmost confidence.

Rorie won a state championship last year with Forest Hills High School. During his sophomore season he knocked down 132 3-pointers which is good for fourth in North Carolina high school history, for a single season. This game he knocked down seven 3s. He is a college level guy and his shooting translates at a high rate.

6'4' Unsigned Senior Jon Morgan
Atlanta Timberwolves

Morgan came directly from graduation last night, leaving Georgia at 2 AM and arriving in Greensboro with no sleep. That didn't matter for him, he came out as a killer. Morgan plays with a ball full of energy and incredible explosion. The lengthy off guard plays high above the rim in transition and shows good timing and quick twitch ability on defense.

Morgan showed ability as a secondary ball handler and has good range, the ability to create offense for himself and nice court vision. Astonishingly Morgan has no offers right now. The lefty is easily a Division 1 prospect and should be recruited as such. He knocked in 25 points to go with 8 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 blocks. This one could have a very fun, a very productive July in the recruitment category.

6'5' Unsigned Senior Myles Washington
Mooresville Magic

Not sure what more this one needs to do in order to pick up scholarships. Few players are anywhere near as productive as Washington. He is a burly 6'5' player who is an excellent rebounder and solid shot blocker. Where he excelled in this game was producing offense. He initiated the attack on the ball here with great pace and efficiency.

When he gets downhill, you are not going to stop him from getting to the basket. He has a nice jump shot and excellent court vision. He can play as a point-wing player or a mis-match forward, a lot of versatility in his game. He is the type of guy that a school who loves production, motor and toughness takes and he goes on to become a 4-year terror and an all league player just clocking in against all the schools who passed on him. Scholarship schools, make it a point to watch this one!!