Phenom Opening Session 1

NE Guilford HS, Court 3

Morning Standouts

The calendar has flipped to April so that means AAU ball is in full effect. Teams and talent converged on Greensboro this weekend in an effort to hone their skills and get some exposure heading into the live period in a few weeks. As always, several players showed out. Some of the names to know from the morning session here on court 3 at NE Guilford HS are as follows:

6'4 '2019 Jacari Outlaw (NC Heat)

Good looking athlete off the wing. He was forced to play inside more in this one due to lack of his teams size but showed the bounce, strength, and anticipation needed to handle the role.''Showed ability to hit from outside but still needs to refine his game and be more consistent as he looks to take next step.

6'0 20202 Gavin Hughes (NC Heat)

Solid glue guy showed up all over the box score. Plays with effort and turn that effort into production. Really liked his vision and ability as a passer. Will need to address his handles and clean his game up some but the instincts are here to be developed.

6'2 2020 Alijuan Moore (NRBC)

Kid just goes to work out on the floor. His team got behind early yet he kept grinding and working finishing up with a double/double in the process. There is nothing flashy about his game as there is not any one facet of his game that makes you take notice, but he's always in the mix. We love guys like this that just go do their job and get stuff done. Effort as much as production was appreciated here.

6'3 2021 Nick Colson (Team F.L.Y.)

Exciting looking young wing prospect for the 2021 class. Young man showed the ability to hit from DEEP as well as the ability to attack off the bounce . Shot selection needs to improve some and will need to finish stronger in the lane but that will come in time as his body fills out and matures. Bouncy game and ability to get up and down the floor combined with God given skills equals a name to know in the 2021 class.

5'10 '21 Daeviaun Qwii (SC Clippers)

Name might be hard to understand but the game is not. Kid did a bit of everything for his team today. He has good handles, quickness, the ability to explode off the floor, and a motor, all the things we love to see in a young player.

6'0 '2020 Jeremy Mull (Team Invasion)

Active player that can score and defend. Showed the ability to hit from distance as well as in transition. Will fade for stretches of the game, so we'd like to see more consistency from him, but that's not too uncommon from young players. Liked the fact he was vocal too and not afraid to get on his guys for mental errors on the floor. Have to walk the line though, too much of that and could create problems. We liked what we saw though here.