It is that time of the year, as players from all around start getting together with their travel ball team and prepare for an exciting spring and summer.  Phenom Hoops started the season off with the Phenom Opening, giving us a glimpse of several of those teams which also included a very talented young group with CP3 2024. Watching this team in action, you can see there is no shortage of talent, bringing some of the premier players around the region to one team.  That is why we want to dive into the team just a little from what we saw firsthand.

Starting off, you can start with the duo from The Burlington School in 2024 Kobe George and 2024 Zion Walker. Both bring a winning attitude to the floor, but also are big presences on both ends. George brings leadership, physicality, great size for his position, the ability to get downhill and finish, and a team-first mentality.  Walker is known for his defensive presence, locking up opponents, bringing tremendous energy, and his playmaking ability on the offensive end with his shot-making and ability to penetrate. Then you look at the guards of 2024 Christian Anderson and 2024 Keenan Wilkins, two smaller guards that have shown that they can absolutely fill it up on the offensive end. Anderson, who has committed to Michigan already, averaged 30 points per game at Lovett high school this year and Wilkins was posting averages of 26.5 points per game at Hendersonville.

Continuing, 2024 6’4 Bishop Boswell was off the charts at South Meck this past season, as his game continues to elevate each year.  Boswell’s blend of size, speed, transition, pace, and play-making ability is fun to watch and should have more college coaches coming his way. 6’5 Bryson Cokley brings size and athleticism at the wing. He has continued to get stronger and develop his game, displaying a tremendous ability to create for himself, get to the rim, or score from a variety of other levels, while also using his 6’5 frame to his advantage on the defensive end. And don’t look past 2024 6’6 Drake Powell, who could be a very big target for many college coaches with his frame, his length/wingspan, his IQ, and his ability to score from all levels of the court.

Down low, CP3 2024 will have plenty of weapons as well.  2024 Maurio Hanson put everyone on notice early on with his play, as he will be one of several options down in the paint. Hanson has only improved and started to understand what he can provide with his touch, his mobility, and his strong presence down low.  Alongside him, 2024 Lewis Walker will be right beside him. Walker’s ability to impact the boards, create with the dribble, and use his frame to bully opponents down low make these two very dangerous.  And then, you add 2024 6’10 Bobby Cannon, who is a lean, athletic, and versatile forward who can run the floor well, finish high above defenders at the rim, and impact the floor on both ends, CP3 will have some firepower down low as well.

Getting a chance to watch them at the Phenom Opening early on, CP3 2024 will be a must-see team all season long and will feature some of the bright futures around the country.