When sitting on the sidelines at any event, as a scout, you sometimes have one player that shines and attracts your eyes.  But when you sit on the baseline and can pick out 4, 5, or even 6 players that all bring some type of intrigue and skillset to the table, that is when eyes start to light up.

That is what DTA Elite brings to the table and they showed it early at the Phenom Hoops David Rose MDC event in Greensboro.

This is a team that brings intensity, cohesiveness, and a team mentality, but also is a program that is going to play with toughness and is in your face the entire game.

The style they like to play with and the versatility they have is tough and that doesn’t even mention that they have multiple weapons offensively that can score at all five positions.

You can first start with 6’6 2021 Omarion Bodrick, who we said was a player with big potential.  He has incredible length, is a defensive presence all over the floor, and is still continuing to only scratch the surface of what he could be.

See what was said about him not long ago: Poised to Breakout: Omarion Bodrick (Independence/ DTA Elite)

Then you have to look at 2020 6’5 Jakeem Verdier, who can play inside and out at any time and knows how to simply produce scoring wise.  But he doesn’t play outside what the team needs.  He can knock down the outside jumper when left open, put the ball on the floor, and can play on the block as well.

After that, the two lead guards of 2020 6’0 Anthony Allen and 2020 6’1 Trevon Williams play well together and brings a uniqueness to the floor that allows them to play together.  Allen is that put-it-on-the-floor, lead point guard that can get to the rim.  He did knock down a few outside jumpers but loved his ability to lead the team.

Williams brings the springs and a bit more athleticism to the floor.  He plays hard on both ends of the floor, looks to lock up opponents, and is a guard that gets out in transition.

That doesn’t even mention 2021 6’0 Knoah Carver who showed the ability to play on and off the ball offensively, making the right decision and showing a solid understanding of how to score.  And don’t forget 2021 5’10 Divine Allah who produced productive minutes.

Simply put, this is a team that is fun to watch.  They play hard and tough, looking to make a statement vs. their opponent and doing in a unique style.  DTA Elite plays with something to prove and as a cohesive/ unselfish unit.

They have put themselves clearly as a team to watch this summer.