By: Brittany Drew

Zamareya Jones 2024 (North Pitt) Ms. Offense

First off, YES, she is THAT GOOD! For the most part, a lot of us have seen her make a lot of flashy moves and shots through social media. It’s a no-brainer that she can do those things because she has mastered the fundamentals of the game.

I was very impressed with her mainly because she not only knows that she can make a play for herself at any moment, but she loves to make the extra pass or play to make her teammates look good. She was one of the toughest athletes there (even when playing with the boys), high motor and IQ, and her advanced level of ball-handling allows her to score at any time she wants.

She commands respect with her play, but also her voice when she communicates with her teammates. I can’t wait to see this kid play at the next level because she is ready for the BIGGEST lights out there.

La’Niya Simes 2023 (East Forsyth) MVP

La’Niya had a great day finishing with 20 and 10 in all of the 3 games played today. She is tough to guard in transition because of her ability to get the rebound and push the ball up the floor at a fast pace. If you don’t pick her up early in transition, it’s easy for her to finish at the rim through contact.

I was impressed with the fact that times when the lane was clogged up, she would pull up and knock down the midrange jumper. She hit some 3 pointers and made some great passes for others to make plays. Her activity on the defensive end is very intimidating for opponents because of her length and how mobile she is. She is able to guard most positions and do really well.

She had a lot of blocks, steals and deflections on the day. This kid is on a mission and college coaches need to watch her play this season at East Forsyth.

Kairah Dixon Booker (North Meck) Ms. Playmaker

Kairah is tough and uses her strength to be able to make plays at the rim. I love the way she doesn’t shy away from contact and is physical with other players to create an advantage for her to make a play or her teammates.

Booker is a great rebounder, moves without the ball frequently, and is able to play multiple positions. She can be a hard task to guard if you take your eye off of her. I look forward to her having a great high school season.

Marissa Sorvillo 2022 (Lake Norman Charter) Ms. Hustle 

Marissa plays very hard on both ends of the floor. She plays with a sense of maturity and experience that is displayed when you see her play for the first time. She was breaking opponents down off the dribble, pulling up for the midrange or using her footwork and making tough finishes around the rim.

She uses her length, speed and knowledge of the game as her advantage to anticipate and make reads on the defensive end. She never quit and the fight she showed in each game is the reason why she received the “Ms. Hustle” award. I am looking forward to keeping up with her during the season!

Amaya Glenn 2023 (Reagan) Ms. Defense

Amaya is a bully on the defensive end because she loves to pick people up 94 feet and forces them to make a play before they cross half-court. She is long, agile and fast; so the ball handler must be confident in their decisions with the ball. 

Her IQ is high as well, so there are times where it looks like she isn’t as aggressive, but she is actually baiting the ball handler into where she wants them to be and then she makes them turn it over. Amaya is not just classified as a defender she can score when she wants.

She facilitates at the one spot pretty well and knows when it’s her time to score.  I can’t wait to see her have a breakout year this season at Reagan.