Day One!! Phenom Summer Havoc Live!! The first day was filled with great matchups of teams and players. Today I was at Nations Ford High School in Ft. Mills SC. I woke up this morning expecting to see some great basketball games and I wasn’t disappointed. All four Courts Were buzzing all day long. From the first tip-off to the last. These are my Dominate Guys. Players who controlled the game for their team in one way or another. Since we all Love to hear the snap of the cotton when the ball goes through the net. We are going to start with the Bombers from Deep!

2021 6’2” Jack Brown Team Passion Elite 16u

Team Passion! I tell you what this kid has, and that is passion for the game. He had an Outstanding Game, going all Klay Thompson/Steph Curry on us. He hit 9 Treys! Some of them on consecutive possessions. He finished at the rim, played Fantastic Pressure Defense! He seemed just as excited to stop his man as he was to shoot and make those 3’s. He even blocked a few shots & picked a couple of pockets. Jack finished with 33pts leading all scores. Put this kid on your Emerge List. We did…

2020 6’4” Jesse Walters CEBA 2020 Massey

It’s rare that in back to back games you have great shooting performance. It’s also rare that both shooting performances will end up with 33 points! Call this guy Jesse James from the Wild Wild West because he’s a dead eye shooter. He found the range from deep. Knocking down 7 shots from long range. He has good form on his shot and confidence in his abilities on the court. One thing for sure he’s a team leader who has a lot of heart and is battle test. We see your work Jesse.

2022 6’5” Asa White Garner Road Graves 15u

He’s very athletic & has tremendous leaping ability. He’s able to recover if he gets beat and wants to. That’s huge for a guy age. He covers up a lot of mistakes of his teammates on Defense by being the right place at the right time. He can cover a lot of ground quickly when contesting shots. Asa has a very high ceiling. We love how he put the ball in the hole.

Today was a fantastic day for Travel Team Basketball. We had some buzzer Beaters and we had some come back wins. We also had a couple of blow outs. Fans cheering and sometimes jeering. Good times Goo times. These players stood out over everyone because they chose to bring their heart and not just their body the game. Keep them on your radar.