1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Final
Dorman 19 23 29 20 91
Peachtree Ridge 9 16 18 25 68


Dorman High School:

2020 G Myles Tate: Tate was an absolute monster on the court and Butler got them a good one for the future.  Tate’s playmaking ability on both ends of the court was dominant.  He plays with an incredible feel and speed on the floor, changing directions on a dime and creating space for himself.  The senior guard was unbelievable on the floor defensively as well, getting in passing lanes and creating deflections. Stats: 19 points

2020 F Justin Amadi: You want to see someone with a tremendous blend of athleticism and physicality, Amadi is your man.  Time after time, he finished above defenders and throwing down two-handed power dunks.  He plays fierce on the court and bodies up opponents, there aren’t too many that can keep him out and off the glass. Stats: 17 points

2020 F PJ Hall: Committed to Clemson already, Hall continues to get stronger but also fine-tune his offensive game, making the power forward a nice blend of power/skill inside as well as perimeter game.  He plays with a tremendous IQ, moves his feet well on defense, and rebounds at a high level.  Stats: 6 points

2021 G Jalen Breazeale: The junior point guard has tremendous handles and with his size, can use his quick-twitch reactions and crossovers to get by defenders.  Breazeale displayed tremendous vision on the floor, finding his teammates/setting them up for easy buckets.  With his size, he used his floater game really well to put points on the board as well. Stats: 16 points

2022 6’9 Noah Clowney: 10 points

Peachtree Ridge:

2021 G William Gray-Watson: It was a tough day for Peachtree but the junior guard played tough throughout.  In the second half though, he was incredibly aggressive in attacking and getting to the rim, as well as getting to the foul line. 

2020 G Christian Williams: The senior guard is one with good size for his position, can play on or off the ball, and has tremendous range with his shot.  Time and time again, he showed that he can be a true shot maker from deep and simply get buckets.  He led the way for this team all night long. Stats: 30 points