Paul Hudson is a senior leader on the Charlotte Christian Basketball team, he has taken that talent to earn a free Ivy League education at Dartmouth and the opportunity to pursue his dream as a Prosthetist.

Charlotte, North Carolina- The ball stops bouncing for everyone at some point and one has to have a plan or passion to pursue when that chapter comes. Hudson is a man with a plan for the next level, aside from joining the Big Green basketball program, he also plans to major in Biomedical Science and Prosthetics to assist injured veterans returning from combat.

That’s a path most teenagers aren’t traveling down, but Hudson isn’t a typical young man on or off the court. Hudson seems determined on pursuing this dream and he speaks with true passion whenever he discusses it.Paul Hudson MVP

“Actually I plan on doing Biomedical Science and Prosthetics, I just want to help like veterans that come back from war making the prosthetic legs and arms, just different limbs. It’s a whole new part of you, you have to get used to. When you lose it, it’s a whole different lifestyle so I would like to help them adjust. I’ve seen commercials and it’s something I’ve seen around and they have a good program.” Hudson told Phenom Hoops.

Hudson recently signed with Dartmouth after the staff pursued him for two years, and he feels he can add to a program on the rise.  The big green currently sit at (3-1), on the season.  Ivy league basketball has carried a certain aura for awhile but Hudson is coming in ready to compete no matter the competition. 

“ I’ve been in contact with them since the beginning of junior year and they really love me, they think I can be special. They have always been with me and I just really appreciate their concern. I feel like education always comes before sports so just having the opportunity to go to one of the best schools in the country was just amazing for me.” Hudson said.

“I feel like I can still improve my game at an ivy league school, college basketball is college basketball. They all looked like competitors when I played with them for a little bit, they went hard just as hard as I feel like any team in the country would work. The visit was really nice it was  the summer, so it was nice, but I know eight to twelve months from now it won’t be like that (he laughs)-.”

Dartmouth will only lose one senior next season so there will be a lot of experience returning to match with their influx of young star power.

“They know what I can do, they know what I need to improve on and I know what I need to improve on. So we’re just going to work together on my shooting, my ball handling, my ball skills and playmaking ability. I feel like I’ll be able to make an impact on the wing for them.” Hudson said.

Before he heads off to the collegiate ranks Hudson feels Charlotte Christian has something left to prove, they’ve featured the same core for several years now and Hudson feels this group is the best in the state. The Knights currently sit (2-0), on the year and they’ve looked dominant in both matchups. Their chemistry has been apparent, you can’t key in on one player because the Knights have several guys who do a lot of things well.

“We’ve been playing together so long we just know if someone is in a groove we give them the ball, and they go work. I feel like we’re the best team in the state thus far, these seniors this group that we have we’re so experienced that I think we can win a state championship.”