Myles Tate has won a championship every year of his high school career, he’s made game winners, he’s sacrificed on and off the court, and Tate has been ranked the top point guard in South Carolina’s 2020 class since day one.


Roebuck, South Carolina- None of the hype has gotten to Tate he sits back and appreciates all the work it took to reach this point, most guys would be content with two state titles and a South Carolina offer in his position, but Tate knows there is more work to be put in. This season could be the biggest yet for Tate, Dorman will play a national level schedule and Tate could make a statement in front of a lot eyes Dec. 1st, when the Cavaliers square off with the number one team in the nation Oak Hill Academy (VA). This matchup has been hyped as “the best in South Carolina vs the best in the Nation.”

Tate could find himself locked in a key match up with Cole Anthony, Anthony is regarded as the consensus number one point guard in America. Some experts would argue Anthony is the best player in all of high school basketball. Tate has never been one to shy away from the big moment and he feels this group is prepared for any challenge. Tate has a chance to break on to the national scene this year, and this game could be somewhat of a potential Heisman moment.

MylesTateA win against Oak Hill could also be marquee for one of the most accomplished public programs around in Dorman.

“I continue to get better everyday on and off the court, eating well, getting plenty of sleep, that’s what’s most important because everyone isn’t doing what I’m doing as far as taking care of my body and staying in shape. My dad has always pushed me to do the right thing and to be great.” Tate told Phenom Hoops.

“We continue to work hard, I think we work harder than anyone else in the state. Our coach,  Coach Ryan always tells us when we go in the weight room or get shots up do everything to your best ability. So whenever the games come around its second nature to do what you already do everyday.”

South Carolina recently landed Tre Hanibal, (Hartsville, SC), who is a friend of Tate, Head Coach Frank Martin has been to see Tate play on several occasions and both have been in Tate’s ear. Just heading into his junior year, Tate wants to take time and enjoy the recruitment process.

Tate plays alongside another highly touted player in four star forward 2020 6’10 PJ Hall, several SEC schools are recruiting both players, analysts and spectators can’t help but to question if the two have considered a package deal. It’s a popular trend in today’s hoops landscape, and with the chemistry and success these two have built its not a surprise Coach Martin has offered the duo.

The recruitment process has been going well I just thank everybody that’s been pushing me, and every team that’s looking to me and think that I’m a good player that can fit in their program. I’m just going to take it from there and enjoy the process.” Tate told Phenom Hoops.

“ We’ve talked about it a little bit but we really haven’t made a final decision on if we want to play together or if we don’t, but when the time comes we’ll come to an agreement.”

Although Tate hasn’t chosen a school he does know exactly what he’s looking for, and Tate is aware what he’s bringing on and off the floor. 31 Myles Tate

“In a school I want it to feel like home, to where I can just go there and adjust and play, somewhere I can just play ball and go to school, and not have to worry about nothing else. I want to go to a program where they feel like I’m a priority to them instead of just another recruit. I want to go there and mean something to them, to play basketball after college or find a good job, so I can have a good future ahead of me.” Tate said.

“South Carolina liked how I push the ball because they’re a program that pushes the ball a lot, they also focus on defense first always so they like the way I pressure the ball, and how I play help-side off  ball. They see me as an overall point guard leading the team and want me to continue to be a leader.”

Outside of all the noise Tate is a normal teenager off the court and when he isn’t hooping or training, Tate spends time like the rest of us trying to master the latest NBA 2K and indulging in hip hop.

“On my off time I just play the video game 2K or Fortnite, the new 2K is hard, (he says with a grin), you can’t get by your man, you can’t cant get any buckets. I tried the my player my dude isn’t that good yet.” Tate admitted.

As far as music Tate is all for the new hip Atlanta wave going on, he noted his favorite group as Culture rappers the Migos.

“I listen to the Migos a lot they’ll always probably be my favorite, I’m on the Lil Baby and Gunna Wave, and I like NBA Young Boy too.”