The first time I saw 6’3 2022 Kheni Briggs he was an eighth grader playing with Team CP3 and he was literally playing all five positions, it’s rare for a kid that young with size to already have a hold on the skillset and mobility.

Greensboro, North Carolina- Briggs doesn’t possess the build of a typical freshman he’s got a slender stocky build at 6’3, he’s physical enough to match up on the block and Briggs is a skilled guard in the early stages on the perimeter. Briggs is an elusive slasher getting to the cup he’s got a nice handle, Briggs finishes strong with either hand and he embraces contact at the rim. Briggs looks confident off the dribble he can stop on a dime and rise for the mid range jumper, or read the defense and create for others off the bounce. Briggs is part of a talented A.L. Brown (NC), team and this group can absolutely go.

Briggs recently had his first varsity start and he’s a freshman carrying big expectations from those around that are familiar with his game.Kheni Briggs

“Since I’ve come in as an underclassmen starting it’s about grabbing rebounds and hustling on both ends for my teammates. I feel I can be a leader as a younger person on the team, and that I can shoot and facilitate for the team.” Briggs told Phenom Hoops.

“In my freshman year I just really want to win games and continue to work on my jumper.”

There aren’t many freshman in NC better than Briggs he just has a mature demeanor, and a mature feel for the game overall. Briggs has played on the big stages before and those games have prepared him for this moment.

“Playing in big games this summer helped make it feel a lot easier out there, because we played in front of the college coaches and the big crowds.” I feel like I matchup good with top guys in my class, they may be more athletic but I can jump with them.” Briggs said.

“I know I have to keep improving on my endurance and skill work, a lot of combo moves.”

A coachable kid who is set on getting better every day, with that mindset and natural ability on the hardwood the sky’s the limit for Briggs.