Jaeden Lanning isn’t a stranger to the underdog role, at a slender six- feet it’s easy to overlook him but that would be a mistake.

It might be fair to say this July has been the most productive month of Lanning’s basketball career on the floor. Lanning has elevated his play to new heights most recently yesterday, he went off for 29 points, six assists, and five boards to lead PSB Winston Salem. This group is a first year branch of Pro Skills Basketball so along with the group Lanning has overcome some earlier bumps, Lanning stayed resilient he kept grinding in the lab and working on his craft. Now everything has come together on the court but it’s no surprise for Lanning because he knows the work put in to get to this moment. Jaeden Lanning use pic

“My dream to play at the college level has inspired me throughout my basketball career and all the hours and years of hard work are starting to pay off for me on the court. My coaches have always told me to leave everything on the court so now every game I play I play to my fullest potential.” Lanning said. 

Lanning has taken his coaches words to heart and applied pressure on the floor; the tools were always there, Lanning is a high I.Q. and intangibles kid he plays the game clean, through the last few weeks Lanning has shot the ball at a high percentage he looks comfortable off the dribble and confident in isolation. Lanning has unleashed the pull up game and he’s added some finishes to the bag, he’s scoring the ball in bunches but still remains an unselfish playmaker. Lanning constantly looks to get teammates involved, he sees the floor well and Lanning has always been known as a gifted passer.

Coaches at the division two level have started to take notice and love this new energy. Most recently Lees McRae has been in contact and Lanning will attend elite camp in Dunk Mountain next month.

“The Coaches are telling me I just need to keep playing my role as a point guard getting the team involved, and scoring and when I need to just all around making plays that help the team.”

One area that has stood out is the extra effort on the boards Lanning has routinely been involved in the rebounding effort, Lanning has a nose for the ball he plays tough on both ends, Lanning is a tough on ball defender he carries that chip  on his shoulder.

Lanning could be in store for a breakout senior year as the starting point guard for Calvary Day School, the Cougars and PSB Winston  know what they have, now Lanning will just have to keep this confidence up come Winter.