Recently I caught up with 6’5 Virginia Tech freshman Isaiah Wilkins at Reynolds Park Recreation Center, Wilkins was a guest speaker at the camp and it was held just days before his departure to Blacksburg, Virginia.


The event served as a homecoming for Wilkins, he’s ending his time in Winston on the court where it all began. The kids look up to him and are eager to battle Wilkins for king of the court. Wilkins understands early the importance of giving back to the community and fueling the next generation. Wilkins is a humble young man who truly scrapped his way from unknown, into the top conference in college hoops.

This is an underdog story about a kid who relied on faith and handwork when the rankings ignored him. In this one on one feature Wilkins goes in depth like never before. We spoke about legendary coach Andy Muse, Team CP3, NBPA top 100 camp, and first year expectations in the ACC!Isaiah Wilkins 1

Two years ago I met Wilkins and at the time he was a talented junior at Mt Tabor high school (NC). I was a freelance reporter with the Winston Watch and Wilkins would be my first interview in the prep ranks.

Early in that season Wilkins had little interest on the recruitment trail, but that changed a few months later. Wilkins had a breakout season and was voted Northwest player of the year. The 6’5 big bodied wing had put the hoop state on notice, Chico was for real and if you didn’t know well you better ask around.

Wilkins continued to shine on the EYBL circuit with Team CP3, he showed serious versatility playing on the perimeter and down low.

“One thing I love about Isaiah is, he plays at the level he’s at. if he’s out there with high level guys Isaiah will elevate to where they’re at, he’s real quiet, don’t make a lot of noise but at the end of the day you know he’s on the floor.” Melvin Bishop Isaiah’s father told Phenom hoops.

For some time Wilkins was committed to a post grad year at Hargrave Military Academy to boost his stock, but all that changed after the NBPA top 100 camp in Virginia.


“At the top 100 camp he went down and did well he scored top five in a lot of areas. It blew my mind, these kids were four and five star guys he was up against. Coach Webster of Virginia Tech was the first one to call us about Isaiah, and he felt like family.” Melvin Wilkins said.

“Then we went down and met Coach Buzz it was an awesome experience, the guy was down to earth and he told us exactly what they needed Isaiah to do. They want him to focus, get his body right, and he saw great things in Isaiah.