As a freshman in high school it is challenging to make any varsity team, but to start and excel in that sport early on is an entire different thing. That is exactly what DJ Nix is doing with Cannon School (NC), out of Concord.

Concord, North Carolina- Nix isn’t built like a typical freshman and he certainly doesn’t play like one. Nix has a grown man game down low, he’s athletic and physical on the block, Nix understands the importance of positioning.

Nix has had a hot start to the season and although he plays alongside highly touted five star guard Jaden Bradley, Nix has arguably been the Cougars best player, his presence in the paint on both ends has been extremely valuable, Nix has averaged  25.3 points per game throughout Cannon’s first three contests. Nix has been effective with his touches and when defenses doubled down, Nix has shown nice court vision kicking it out to these shooters on the perimeter. Nix impacts the game in a lot of ways, he has been a strong finisher around the rim, he’s athletic and runs the floor extremely well. The bulk of this core are freshmen so bumps are expected, but Nix also realizes this group is talented enough to win now.DJ Nix 1

“I know for one thing we’re a really young team me, Jaden (Bradley), and Jarvis (Moss), we all have a huge part in this teams success, so we all have to go out there and play very well, I think I did my part today rebounding and also helping with the scoring. Our defense has been good, as a team we have gelled really well together we have great chemistry. If we keep going at this rate I feel like we’ll be a team to watch out for.” Nix told Phenom hoops.

Nix and Bradley have formed a tight bond on the floor through travel ball with B Maze Elite, they will be two cornerstones for this program throughout the next four years, along with the rest of this young bunch Cannon could be a serious power in the Hoop State.

Bradley is on the national radar and recently picked up an offer from Florida, after a dominant performance in the National Showcase.Jaden Bradley

“ The Chemistry is good between Jaden and I we play together in AAU, I know Jaden’s tendencies he’s a score first point guard but he can also pass and he has a great I.Q. for the game. I feel like his game matches my driving to the basket, he understands my game and we build off each other.”

These two were dangerous in pick N roll sets and transition opportunities, Bradley is an excellent decision maker with the basketball, he routinely delivered timely passes to a cutting Nix. Bradley is considered by some as the next great point guard in North Carolina a place that boasts names like, Steph Curry, Chris Paul, and John Wall.

Both guys are wise beyond their years and show exceptional poise on the hardwood, in year one they’re making waves.

“ I understand chemistry is a huge thing teams don’t go far if the chemistry is off, I feel like the team gels really well there’s no beef on the team we all love each other and it’s a good environment.” Nix said.

“As for Cannon this year we have a really high future you know, people say this is a year for growth for us and it is a year for growth, but we can still be aggressive in our year of growth. I feel like even though we’re still young teams need to watch out for us.”