2019 Darasjot Hothi pulled out an impressive weekend with the Bull City Silver backs and through three games this group held strong.

Hothi provides toughness on both ends, offensively Hothi is scrappy he will attack the glass and collect clean up buckets, Hothi is a willing shooter but he doesn’t overextend the action, defensively Hothi is versatile with quick feet and active hands. Hothi credits Tennis and soccer for the quick reflexes and clean footwork.

“ Tennis helps a lot because it’s quick hands and you’re moving your feet when you slide so it’s great for defense, sliding and strapping people up that’s what it’s all about.” Hothi said.

“ Playing soccer and watching guys like Ronaldo, the footwork is crazy over there I like the challenge.”

Hothi isn’t the most talented kid on Bull City, but he knows how to play the game and embraces his strengths. Hothi also has a trait one cannot coach, this kid truly loves the game of basketball through and through. The joy is apparent when you watch Hothi on the floor, and when he’s talking about hoops Hothi is all smiles as well. It’s a testament to how the game has impacted people of all cultures.

“ The game became more popular in India when the first people from there were drafted two years ago, it means a lot to me to be able to represent India over there and I just want to be that guy.” Hothi said.

“The game is growing over there you see the NBA guys with NBA Cares, they try to help them out with the game a little bit with the fundamentals and stuff. It’s nice I like seeing stuff like that because it really inspires me. One of my first memories of the game was that 2009 finals between the Lakers and Magic, it was like art watching them play team basketball and I remember Dwight dominating.”

As senior year approaches Hothi expects to have success  on both courts in his final go in the prep ranks.

‘Last year was fun I improved a lot throughout the year and Coach really helped me out a lot, I played in single and doubles I love the sport a lot. I can’t wait, this year is the last go around it’s time to get business done, and it’s time to get that offer and stay locked in.” Hothi said.