Patrick O'Brien

2025 Jordan Lowery, a new face here in North Carolina, was a player that we introduced to our readers last week, which you can read right here:

He also recently took a visit to Arkansas, and we spoke to him about what he was able to do and his thoughts after the visit. Check out what he had to say:

What did you do on the visit to Arkansas:

“The day was good. It was about a 4.5-hour drive. We watched the practice, it was very fast pace, we toured the weight room, training room, locker room, and gym, and then we toured the history behind Arkansas.' My family and I ate lunch with the staff. It was great talking with them and learning new things.' The day was great overall.”

Who did you get to talk to while there:

“The whole staff.”

What did you take away from the visit:

“I took away that Arkansas develops their guys like pros already, and they really are recruiting me hard.' Also, that the SEC is a monster.”

Did the staff say anything about a potential offer or how strong their interest is:'

“Yes sir, they said I’m high on their board and that I hold the point guard traits that they look for, and they want to see me keep developing.”