Patrick O'Brien

2024 Rashad McCormick certainly is a familiar name around the state of North Carolina, as he played at Hough this past season before reclassing to the class of 2024 and transferring to Phillips Andover Academy. Now, he can check another box off as the 6’7 prospect announced that he has received his first D1 offer from Vermont.' We spoke to McCormick about the latest, his development, and his thoughts on his first offer.

How everything has been going and thoughts on his game development:

“It has been going good recently,” McCormick said.' “I’m having fun getting to play with Andover this year.' I feel like I’m able to showcase more of my game that I didn’t before and my improvements.' I’m a lot stronger than last year, I’ve added about ten pounds of muscle sicen the season, and I feel a lot faster, quicker, and stronger.' My game is just feeling a lot more complete than it was in the past.”

Thoughts on earning first D1 offer from Vermont:

“It felt good, really good,” McCormick said.' “Hopefully it is a wake up call to more coaches.' They felt like I played hard and was one of the best players up there, and that I just looked ready so they felt comfortable in offering me. I don’t know much as far as other interests, but I have heard from Marquette, Davidson, Southern Miss, Stonehill, Holy Cross, George Mason, Maine, Towson, Chattanooga, UMBC, and Long Island.”

Update: McCormick has added another D1 offer to his list, this time coming from Maine a day after he received an offer from Vermont.