Patrick O'Brien

Phenom Hoops continues to bring you the latest recruiting news around the country, and a player that we are quite familiar with announced recently that he had been re-offered by a program.' 2024 Jermaurhiyun Anderson from QEA announced that he had been re-offered by North Carolina A&T with the new staff that is there.' The guard was first offered by the Aggies last year, so it was an exciting moment for the new staff to send an offer his way.

How was it to get offered by NC A&T with the new staff'

“It felt amazing and truly surprising. Some of the staff was at our games this weekend but I didn’t really think much about it. And to know that I had an offer from the previous staff and A&T was the first to offer me and believe in my talents feels amazing to know that even the new staff sees something in me. It was truly a blessing to get that call.' Coach Ross said that his staff and others have been blowing him up about me after seeing me and that he is offering and wants to get me on campus sooner rather than later.”

How has your game been developing'

“I’ve worked on my body a lot, so playing stronger and being more explosive has played a big factor in my development. Also, my ability to shoot the ball and see the floor as a point guard.' The competition I’ve ben playing these last couple years has just been bettering me all-around to be a better player to compete with the best.”