Patrick O'Brien

A player that we have talked about countless times in the past in then 2023 Jajuan Nicholls, announced on Monday that he had earned a D1 offer from Omaha. Jajuan, who is now playing at Spartanburg Methodist College this year, was a strong presence down low in the paint and has been having a strong start to the season at Spartanburg Methodist. He has played in all 11 games and started 6 games so far, averaging 11.4ppg and 7.6rpg in just 16 minutes of action. He flew under the radar so many times last year but received high praise with his production by Phenom Hoops.

Here is what we had to say about Nicholls last year:

” That being said, it feels like Jajuan Nicholls should have more opportunities to play at the next level. The NC GBB roster is loaded with talent, and Nicholls excels within his role as much as anyone. He possesses a strong, sturdy frame and an extremely reliable interior presence on either side of the ball. Nicholls plays hard, rebounds at a consistent rate, and displays an excellent scoring arsenal from the post. Hes the type of player who understands how to play within himself and take what the opposition is giving him. Nicholls also alters shots, runs the floor in transition, and is capable of knocking down the occasional midrange jumper. He should have more coaches in pursuit. Which was later followed by, Its difficult to find a reason as to why Jajuan Nicholls isnt being recruited by more college coaches. Hes a strong, mobile post prospect with a steady presence on both ends of the floor. Nicholls possesses touch and can reliably finish with either hand around the basket or knock down the occasional midrange jumper. He gives consistent effort on the glass and (despite what his calm demeanor might imply) plays hard on either side of the ball. Nicholls alters shots, battles for rebounds, and capitalizes on scoring opportunities as needed. Hes the type of player who could carve out a productive role with a lot of different programs.

“A player still available, Nicholls is a sturdy and physical 69 forward who just does what is needed for his team. Whether it was being a force offensively around the basket, carving out space to attack the boards, or protecting the basket, Nicholls just does what is needed. I believe he is an underrated forward still on the market.”