Patrick O'Brien

We recently spoke about 2023 6’9 Donovan Rivers who is now at The Skills Factory, as he announced had earned an offer from Jacksonville. Well, it didn’t take long for him to ultimately decide and land there, as Rivers announced his commitment to Jacksonville this week.' This is what he had to say when he was offered from them: “They said I will come in the program and play immediately,' Rivers told Phenom Hoops. 'Coach Deloach came into my practice and I really like his energy and he is from South Carolina, so there's some type of bond in that aspect. But they have been showing love for a minute now.”

What Was Said from Phenom Hoops:

'2023 Donovan Rivers is one to keep an eye on. Still a developing big at 6'8 and getting stronger, he has shown some flashes of his presence down in the post. #TheBash #PhenomHoops'

“Been impressed with the play from 6'9 2023 Donovan Rivers (Carolina Pressure) strong, physical post. Great touch around the rim. Also, has shown the ability to knock down mid-range shots. #PhenomG3”

“Huge kudos to Donovan Rivers, as well as Bishop Ukata (Carolina Pressure 2023). Both players were relentless at the rim today, with Rivers finding the free throw line at a significant rate. Obviously two very assertive pieces on this roster. #PhenomG3”