Collin Himmelberg

For the Carolina Flyers 2021 program, there is always attention surrounding 2021 6’7 Toby Harris and he certainly deserves it.  But when you watch this team on the court, there are others that really step up to the challenges and deserve more credit for their play.

2021 6’2 Collin Himmelberg, 2021 6’5 Will Tyndall, and 2021 6’1 Luke Proctor all play critical roles for this team each weekend, so Phenom Hoops wanted to highlight their play.

Himmelberg can flat out score the ball on multiple levels.  He can shoot the ball from deep, attack the rim, knock down the pull-up jumper, and plays with a tremendous IQ.  He showed that at the Summer Havoc, as when he gets going, he can really fill up the score sheet.

Tyndall caught our eyes when he had the task of guarding 7’0 Patrick Wessler and he did a tremendous job in slowing him down.  He is tough and scrappy on the floor, just doing whatever is needed on the court.  But that doesn’t mean he can produce, as he averaged 16.8ppg, 8.8rpg, and shot 63 percent from the floor.

When speaking to the Carolina Flyers coaching staff, they had this to say about Tyndall.

“Will is our MVP,” they said.  “He was our leading assists guy last week and he played incredible against Wessler.  He is just so solid on both sides; he fights and scraps and has such a high IQ.”

Lastly, you have Proctor who is a 6’1 guard that just seems to do the little things that get his team going time after time.  He is a coach on the floor and plays smart, as well as getting the most out of his ability.  He also can certainly shoot the ball well from deep.

These three guys may not always get the credit they deserve but when you watch the Carolina Flyers, they step up to the challenges ahead of them and simply produce in their own way.