The class of 2023 in North Carolina is going to be an exciting one and fans are already talking about much of the talent.  You already hear some of the top names from around the state, playing on a national scene day in and day out, but many don’t realize just how deep this class could be and the amount of talent.  I’m going to look at six players (and there could be several more names for sure) that I personally think go under the radar more than the other top names but will be names that you will want to monitor more and see as they grab the attention of college coaches.

2023 Ja’Kwon Moore (Trinity Academy)

Moore is already being targeted by college coaches and holds a few offers, but you don’t always hear his name mentioned with the other top prospects in the 2023 class in North Carolina, which he should.  Moore is a 6’6 prospect that simply does everything on the court, which is why we are going to tell you that more schools, including high-majors, could be looking his way quickly.  Moore fills up the stat sheet and simply passes the eye-test.  Great size, athletic, versatile… Moore impacts the floor in so many ways. And you can see that he has continued to develop his game, with his outside shooting to go along with his athleticism, showing he can score from multiple levels, and also be an impact on the defensive end.  We are saying it now, Moore is going to right up there with the rest of them near the top of the 2023 class.

2023 Comeh Emoubor (Ravenscroft)

I will say, after this fall and winter, more are on board for Emoubor but it still seems that he doesn’t get the attention he deserves.  However, he is certainly catching the eyes of college coaches early on, with interests from a few ACC schools and others.  The 6’5 prospect has led the charge at Ravenscroft this season and should only continue to rise up rankings.  Emoubor though brings toughness and a two-way capability on the floor. He is great in transition, attacking the rim, playing with a great IQ, and is a notable athlete on the court.  He will continue to be a name to watch in the class.

2023 Takorrie Faison (Wayne Prep)

We think it is only a matter of time for more people to catch on to Faison.  He has continued to play well this season from this summer and is now leading the charge at Wayne Prep.  The 6’7 prospect played strong this offseason with Team Curry, giving us a glimpse more of his game and playing against some great competition. Now, he is doing the same at Wayne Prep, averaging nearly 20 points and seven rebounds per game.  It may be because he is further out east in Goldsboro but we do think Faison is going to be one to remember more.

2023 Donovan Raymond (West Charlotte)

Raymond is one to really watch in this class.  He is a 6’9 prospect at West Charlotte and he gives us glimpses of what he could be in the end once it all comes together.  As of right now, Raymond makes a big impact on the defensive end, blocking shots and being disruptive, while also getting on the boards. He also shows promising touch and feel down low in running the floor and finishing as a big, but there is still room to grow.  Honestly, he gives me the same feel as when we watched Brandon White, part of the 2022 class.  White was a name many didn’t know before exploding onto the scene, as he continued to grow his game. Raymond brings that same defensive impact as a shot-blocker that White brought and as he continues to work on his overall game, he is going to be a hot topic.

2023 Chase Dawson (Cary Academy)

Dawson is an interesting story that stands out to me every time we bring up his name.  The sophomore guard was a name that I didn’t know about this summer but quickly grabbed our attention with his scoring ability this offseason. Time after time, he produced at a high level, scoring all over the court and displaying tremendous quickness; you can find out what we said here just a while back (Click Here). Now, he has been doing the same this season at Cary Academy, showing his scoring ability at the high school level. Averaging nearly 25 points per game, Dawson puts on a show and really do think that he is going to make himself a name in a loaded class.

2023 William Gray (East Forsyth)

Gray is going to be an interesting one to watch. Many may not know his name yet but they soon will start to recognize his game.  Our very own, Jeff Bendel, has seen him a few times already and has been impressed.  He recently had this to say about him:

“It’s easy to get excited about the current abilities and long-term potential with someone like Gray, who is already an exceptional leader and floor general. He’s very smart and instinctual, which might be the most evident on the defensive end of the floor—where his anticipation and ability to accumulate deflections is sharp to a rare degree. That being said, Gray is an extremely poised, patient point guard with a quick first step and incredible navigation skills through traffic. He regularly sees two or three defenders thrown in his direction yet still finds ways to make intelligent decisions and impressive reads. Gray is a quality all-around athlete with the ability to mirror his assignment defensively while regularly meeting opponents at the rim for dunks and blocks. He touches the paint whenever he wants, unselfishly looks to make the right play, scores within the flow of the action, and already stands out as one of the better defenders in the Class of 2023.”

It is stuff like this which is why Gray could be a big factor in the class of 2023 and deserves more attention.