One of the biggest storylines from the Phenom HoopState Championship was 2020 7’0 Quincy Ballard from Quality Education, as he was an absolute dominating presence on the court all three days.

During the three-game stretch, Ballard averaged 16 points, 11.3 rebounds, and 5.3 blocks per game.

Sure, it was a small sample size but it was enough for college programs to start acting fast.  Since then, he has picked up multiple high-major offers and more could be coming his way soon.  But he also knows that time is running out and a decision needs to be made soon.

We went 1-on-1 with Ballard for all the latest:

PHR: What kind of attention did you receive after your play at the Phenom HoopState Championship?

Ballard: “A lot.  After the last day of the tournament, my parents and I immediately started receiving phone calls from school.  It was a great feeling, as I needed that exposure.  It was a big success.  Phenom Hoops gave me the platform I needed to be recognized.”

PHR: How do you think you have grown as a player this season?

Ballard: “My shot confidence definitely.  I started taking the shots that they say most big men can’t take.  I’m not the average big man and I will not accept that stigma.”

PHR: What kind of mindset or what were you hoping to show in your game this year?

Ballard: “My main focus this year was dominance.  I wanted to use my size and strength to control the game as much as I could.  I certainly feel this has been a factor.”

PHR: You received a big offer from Florida State.  How did you hear about the offer and what did the staff have to say?

Ballard: “Wow, Florida State made it out just to me just in time before the pandemic hit us.  They watched me perform and were amazed.  It certainly felt great again to be seen and to be told: “you got it.”  They reached out the next day and it took off from there.”

PHR: You also earned an offer from Cincinnati. What were your thoughts on them as well?

Ballard: “Cincinnati is certainly a force and a very nice option for me.  I really like what I’m hearing from the coaches and players as well.  Absolutely a consideration for me.”

PHR: One of your most recent offers came from NC State. Thoughts on them?

Ballard: “I definitely feel good and love what Coach Keatts’ plan is with the team and how they see me fitting in. We are talking with them daily.”

Notes: Ballard received an offer from Maryland shortly after as well on Tuesday night.

PHR: What other schools have offered?

Ballard: “Missouri State, Radford, UNC-Asheville, UNC-Wilmington, Hampton.”

PHR: What kind of relationships have you been able to build with them?

Ballard: “Some very good relationships have been built with some of them.”

PHR: What other schools are showing interest your way?

Ballard: “Oregon State, Virginia Tech, Wichita State, Minnesota, and recently Louisville.”

PHR: When are you looking to decide on a school?

Ballard: “Very soon.  It is time I find my basketball and academic home.  It is time to get that ring!”