The NBPA Top 100 camp has a select few players from the 2020 and 2021 class and 6'9 '20 Dayron Sharpe of South Central High School in Greenville, North Carolina is one of them. The youthful Sharpe has a strong and sturdy 220 pound frame. He sports long arms and most of all an energetic and enthusiast attitude on the court. Through the first two games, Sharpe is averaging 8 PPG, but has managed to go a perfect 7-7 from the floor. While he may be one of the younger players in attendance, he has been one of the more mature and vocal players on the court. Sharpe repeatedly talks on the court especially on the defensive end of the court.

We have been particularly impressed with his basketball IQ and overall feel for the game. While he hasn't been a 'go to' player on his team at the NBPA, he is moving well without the ball and sets strong and wide screens. He is constantly working for rebounding position, but is very skilled in the lost art of boxing out. He is a strong two-handed rebounded and makes quick outlet passes and does an admirable job of running the floor. In addition, Sharpe isn't bashful at driving on the floor for a loose ball.

While Sharpe is only in the 2020 class, he has the look of further growth. He has little to no leg hair which usually is a great sign that he isn't finished growing. While Sharpe sports high major offers including UNC, it is evident that he is only scratching the surface on his long range potential.