Day 2 was off the charts down in Fayetteville, as we brought fans another year of the Hoops & Dreams Showcase. If you missed the action, make sure you tune in or come check out all the talent at Fayetteville State University. Here are the stats and recaps from Day 2. This event is sponsored by LucasMoore Realty, Inc.

NC GBB 71 – North Raleigh Christian 21

NC GBB: Broderick Ellis 15 points, 8 rebounds/ Lureon Walker 15 points, 4 assists/ Tichyque Musaka 8 points/ Caden Bell 7 points, 6 assists

North: Parker Hodgson 7 points/ Jackson Watt 5 points, 4 rebounds

Liberty Heights 71 – Northwood Temple 49

Liberty: Elijah Jamison 15pts, 6 asts/ Ezra Ausar 15pts, 5rebs/ Jalen McDonald 9pts, 6rebs, 4asts/ Cinque Lemon 6pts, 7rebs

Northwood: Cannon Keziah 19pts/ Jaquantae Harris 13pts, 5asts, 3stls

Wayne Country Day 79 – Trinity Christian 55

Wayne: Collin Tanner 29pts, 11rebs/ Jordan Cooper 12pts, 8rebs, 7asts/ Nayshin Waller 11pts, 3rebs

Trinity: Steven Lassiter 19pts, 11rebs/ Howard Herbert 8pts

Moravian Prep 70 – Bull City National 67

Moravian: Jackson Holt 18 points/ Hamilton Campbell 14pts, 5asts/ Eli Ellis 11pts, 7asts/ Mayar Wol 10pts, 9rebs

Bull: Mady Traore 19pts, 8rebs, 3blks/ Shawn Wilson 14pts/ Treyvon Byrd 12pts, 3rebs, 3asts

Terry Sanford 58 – North Pitt 53 (Girls)

Terry: Tamia Morris 26pts, 7rebs, 4asts/ Miya Giles-Jones 18pts, 12rebs/ Harmony Martin 6pts, 6rebs

North: Zamareya Jones 19pts, 6rebs, 8asts/ Aquarius Pettaway 19pts, 10rebs, 3blks/ J’Nadia Maye 7pts

Pine Forest 77 – Apex Friendship 70

Pine: Darris Simmons 30pts, 4asts/ Tristin Harkins 24pts/ Jordan Jones 15pts

Apex: Isaac Holmes 15pts, 7asts/ Colin Cleary 14pts, 4rebs/ Gabe Proctor 11pts, 5rebs, 6asts

Word of God 82 – Fayetteville Academy 51

Word: Po’Boigh King 21 points/ Truman Claytor 15pts, 7rebs/ Freddie Dilione 13pts, 6rebs, 5asts

Fayetteville: Amari Pearson 23pts, 3rebs/ Tyler Henderson 14pts