The Names You Got to Know

6’2″ 2019 Trae Hannibal (South Carolina)
Hartsville HS (Hartsville, SC)

There is not much more to say about Hannibal. He has been absolutely dominant this entire event, and that continued in his acrobatic ariel assault today. He finished with 31 points.

6’11” 2019 Kadin Shedrick (Virginia)
Holly Springs HS (Holly Springs, NC)

Shedrick proved to be one of the better true centers in the country. He is an elite rim protector, who showcased ability to knock down shots from 3 as well and finish from the post. He finished this one with 15 Points. 11 Boards. 7 Blocks.

6’4″ 2019 Alec Woodard (Austin Peay)
Morgan County HS (Madison, GA)

Woodard is one who is known for doing the tough guy stuff. He is a strong wing, who defends, rebounds and plays with an unwavering demeanor. He has been shooting the cover off the ball here, and his 15 Points. 6 Assists. here were indicative of his playmaking ability.

6’1″ 2019 Tre Jackson (Iowa State)
Blythewood HS (Blythewood, SC)

Jackson has always been a scorer with deep range/touch. He has showcased a tight handle to go with great footwork. He gets wherever he wants on the floor and he shoots it from each level. Jackson has incredible vision as well. 22 Points.

The Storylines

John Butler is Special

Standing 7 feet tall, and only 15 years old, the way Butler moves is different. Still very thin, his ball skills and coordination are advanced. He is also an exceptional, natural, shot blocker. Butler is already ranked among the nation’s Top 20 in his class, watch as he continues to grow as he has as much potential and ceiling as anyone in high school basketball. He finished today with 16 Points and 8 Boards.

Chico Carter Jr. is a KIller

No matter the matchup, Carter will get into his mental space and take it personal. He does an unbelievable job self motivating every single time out. He has great size and the ability to get his shots at 3 levels. What is interesting here is that he is next in line for point guards at Murray State. Isaiah Canaan, Cam Payne, Ja Morant and now Chico Carter Jr. He is making it very feasible to see a scenario where he follows that lineage

Heritage IJN is Ahead of Time

75% of this team has only been playing organized basketball for three weeks. It is an unbelievable story, really. Now, they are playing in the championship game after winning two games at Phenom’s Palmetto Winter Classic. 6’9″ freshman Jerome Baya has been the tone setter on the defensive end, as he is seemingly playing volleyball at the rim. Junior Uziel Muteba has been lights out shooting the ball, but it is the team’s overall effort that has them in this position. They defend, they rebound and they have as much fun as anyone, playing with house money.

Coaches Need to Know Isaiah Caldwell

The 6’4″ junior walks onto the floor with great length and explosion. Once you watch him play, you see he knows the game. He is great in the mid-range against all comers. His coach, Jeff Whelan, runs great sets and has an incredibly disciplined team. Caldwell has ball skills and touch and plays with a high basketball IQ. He carries an Army offer, where is brother plays, but they should soon be getting some company, a lot to like here.