By; DeAjai Dawkins

5’11 2025 Cayden Martin (Piedmont Classical HS 15U) 

Cayden is a conscienceless scorer with consistent mechanics on his jumpshot. His confidence and general maturity for his age gives him a mental advantage Active hands defensively, shows all the signs of a player who will one day be an important piece for PCHS. 

2024 6’0 JJ Fullwood (Greensboro Day JV) 

JJ plays the game with a wide handle, moving with solid lateral quickness for this stage in his development. I believe that he could become an impressive playmaking scorer in the coming years. His frame is already prepared to begin filling out. 

6’1 2023 Aden Holloway (Game Changers 17U) 

Aden is extremely comfortable with creating separation off the dribble. He’s the image of a ball-handler that seems to operate almost solely off of his natural comfort for the game. The mechanics on his shot are unwavering.

6’8 2022 Charles McClennahan (Team Howard 17U)

Charles is a lengthy forward prospect that has already proven he’s capable of stretching the floor. Hits the open shot & is a reliable pick and pop threat. 26 points from a variety of spots on the floor. I believe Charles has the opportunity to really make a spark in his recruitment 

6’8 2024 Isaiah Sutherland (Charlotte Kings 16U) 

Isaiah has most certainly undergone improvement since ending his freshman campaign. A quick first jump, and impressive rim protecting capabilities makes me confident in Sutherland’s future. I expect him to seriously contribute to Northside Christian’s success in the coming years 

6’8 2023 Donovan Raymond (West Charlotte High School) 

Donovan is in a prime position to provide leadership for the 4A power this upcoming season. Imposing interior presence to accompany his outstanding high school frame.  I’ve expected him to be in this position since first seeing him as a long, rim protecting sophomore. 

6’1 2023 Ollie Alford (West Charlotte High School) 

Ollie impresses me with his vision and ability to execute difficult passes both in transition & in half-court settings. Alford has experience against elite competition at every level he plays at, and it’s beginning to show. His composure and experience will provide important value for the Lions this season.