2026 Tyzhir Dyer (Team Charlotte 16U)

Tyzhir Dyer embodies what high school coaches should look for in a freshman trusted with key varsity minutes. Aside from starting on variety as a freshman, Tyzhir exemplifies positive character traits consistently throughout the course of play. If you prioritize positive body language and visible response to coaching, Dyer is a player you'll quickly grow to appreciate. Doesn't back down from any matchup defensive matchup, even if there is a noticeable difference in size. Led the team in charge by a significant margin this past HS season.

2026 Ayron Jackson (Team Charlotte 16U)

Ayton Jackson is a young forward that shows a ton of long-term promise given the way he asserts himself against older competition. Cements himself on the low block, rebounds at a reliable rate, shows promising mobility & simply presents himself as one of the more physically imposing forwards I've seen so far this spring in the 2026 class. Definitely, one to track early.

2028 Kareem Dupree Jr. (Team USC 2028).

Team USC Premier has become a program I associate with high-upside young talent. Their 2028 roster boasts a young Kareem Dupree, equipped with a lengthy frame for his age and two-way versatility in at this stage of his development. Runs the floor well and plays with purpose on the floor, standing out as a focal point.

2028 Zyion Jones (Team USC 2028)

Zyion Jones is yet another budding talent in Team USC's line of players that have sparked early intrigue given their physical gifts. Given his notable length and activity, I strongly believe Jones will translate into a valuable high school asset. He was consistent this weekend, helping this offense score points and embracing their overall defense identity.

2025 James Woods (Team Hope Gripper)

James Woods got off to an excellent start as a sophomore in a young backcourt that finished as one of the top teams in the conference & made the playoffs. He provides legitimate value in multiple facets of the game, showing discipline & ability to score in bunches. His strong lower body aids in his perimeter defense, and as he continues to develop as an athlete I think his lateral explosiveness will improve.

2024 Chase Owens (Hoop Dreams Training Academy)

Chase Owens is breath of fresh air for the generation of basketball fans that miss defensive prioritization and a never-back-down mentality. Competitiveness is the driving factor behind Owens' success as a multi-sport athlete. His strong frame & balance allows him to defend him level guards 94 feet. He has a fearless nature that I could see college coaches absolutely falling in love with. Surely a next-level contributor.

2025 Kellen Karr (Carolina Riptide 2025)'

Kellen Karr has been a consistent producer, especially on the offensive end, showing a rare level of versatility at a player with his size at the high school level. Standing around 6'5, he's been the leader in both assists and rebounds to go along with his scoring abilities. Shows generous flashes from all 3 levels, most reliable from the mid-range & attacking the rim. If you are a fan of talented, multi-dimensional, low-maintenance forwards, as I am, then you will enjoy watching Karr.

2024 Karis Murphy (Team Hustle 17U)'

One of the most fulfilling things about evaluating young players is seeing them developing and refining new skills on the floor. Karis has obviously placed emphasis on crafting his ball-handling abilities, and his confidence on the floor is a reflection. One constant I noticed while watching the Hustle compete weekend, is that when Murphy was responsible for initiating the offense, it oftentimes resulted in a good look. Murphy's IQ shines in his creativity on the ball, he understands how to generate offense.'

2025 Isaac Erickson (Scott Wood Elite)'

One of the best 2025's in the Wake County area, and in my opinion, has the potential to finish his high school career as one of the best 2025's in the state altogether. Erickson was one of the more impressive, all-around forwards I've seen this weekend. Fair length and strength with scoring ability on or off the ball, also contribute to this team's defensive identity. Can serve as a focal point or role player, and really leaves room for excitement when considering he has two full years of high school left.'

2025 Nathan Fife (Scott Wood Elite)'

Similar to the aforementioned Isaac Erickson, Nathan Fife is one of the best players in the very talented Wake County area. As a lead guard, Fife oozes productivity in all facets of the game. Whether he's rebounding, setting the table for his teammates, or getting a bucket from seemingly anywhere he wants, Fife has explosive pop that shines whether he's on or off the ball. This guy is a leader and a stat sheet stuffer.

2025 Cash McSweeney (Scott Wood Elite)

Not to sound like a broken record, but 2025 Cash McSweeney is yet another player on this Scott Wood Elite roster that is widely considered to be one of the best players in the Wake County area (yes, this team is that good.). Versatile forward that can play either the 3 or the 4. Capable of scoring from the elbow and extending out to the perimeter, and his length on the wing really helps contribute to this team's defensive identity. Coaches are going to have their eyes on this roster. 

2026 Will Stevens (Carolina Riptide 2025)'

The Community School of Davidson has a commodity on their hands that leaves onlookers curious weekend after weekend. Stephens continued to impress this weekend, given his length and all-around feel for the game. Stevens is a nimble forward that shows flashes of offensive ability across all 3 levels. Looking like a promising long-term prospect. Currently stands around 6'7.

2026 Tre Raymon (Team Charlotte 16U)'

There have been very few 2026 prospect across either of the Carolinas whose name has buzzed more than Tre Raymon. As of now, Raymon has simply presented himself as a primary option in every setting I have seen him in. His enticing upside is partially responsible for his size, standing around 6'8. When you factor in his comfort scoring from the perimeter, and his ability to extend over defenders at the rim, you can't help but wonder what 3 full years of development would do for him as a prospect. Raymon has advanced comfort on the ball for his age, and will inevitably be a name we hear throughout his high school career.'