By: DeAjai Dawkins

6'3 2022 Toby Nnadozie (Believe Prep National)'

Few players have impressed me these past few weeks like Toby Nnadozie, as few players have been as consistently productive on the offensive end. Physical with explosive athleticism, Nnadozie offers a competitive presence about him that could be acknowledged by any onlooker. He's comfortable scoring from beyond the arc as well. I am certain he could contribute at the college level. 

2022 6'0 Tashaud Alexander (Bull City Prep Durhah

Tashaud did a good job of running the show for his team, creating for himself well while showing an ability to set up others. I believe he should have further opportunities to play basketball, learning from experience guards under a program in which he'll one day contribute. 

6'5 2024 Jalen Umstead (Team Rise NC) 

While it took me to the very end of the event to come across him, I can confidently say that Jalen is the most impressive rebounder I've seen this weekend. He has an motor and strength for a 2024 prospect, a coaches dream given his niche. His Team Rise squad brought home the 16U championship against a talented, sizable JV team. Leads me to believe he'd contribute highly.

6'7 2024 Maurio Hanson (Cougars/Julius Chambers) 

Maurio is one of the most polished post products that this state has to offer, most certainly in the 2024 class. Hanson isn't in a rush to force his own offense, even when he's received the entry pass on the low block. He's a post-player that knows when he's most comfortable, and won't force bad shots. His aggression and above-the-rim athleticism have stood out to me the most recently 

6'5 2023 Nick Dorn (Cougars/Julius Chambers) 

Nick is seriously making a case for himself as the best spot-up shooter in NC's 2023 class. Shooting above 50% from beyond the arc so far in the Hoopstate League, I can likely name a short list of players in this league whose shooting talents can compete with his. His value to this team cannot go understated, as it is imperative you key in on him. 

6'5 2024 Dylan Deluca (Warriors/Metrolina Christian) 

Dylan is continuing to show the improvements to his game that will truly make his frame even more special. Currently, Deluca is comfortable with leading his team as a scorer if called upon. He is showing a bit more offensive versatility than I've seen from him before, and this versatility may carry him to heights that bring in college attention. 

2022 Liam Craven (Combine Academy) 

Liam Craven is a very talented basketball player that proves himself time and time again. The solid combo guard is a marksman from deep with the ability to create from within the arc on the floor, as well as get his teammates involved. Finished his first game with 9 3's en route to a 27 point performance. Hoping colleges see the value in this guy,

5'9 2025 Derek Ross (NC Wildcats/Jordan High School) 

Derek Ross is a true point guard. The freshman guard has kept my attention with his confidence on the ball, as well as his ability to get into the lane and find open teammates. Always looking to create for others, keeping his head on a swivel, especially in transition. Stays prepared to step into open jumpshots, just needs to pick up consistency from 3. 

6'7 2022 Caleb Maul (Warriors/Metrolina Christian) 

Caleb is an interior presence that I believe should be generating a bit of attention. He's a prospect that still needs to continue to develop his overall presence on the floor, but I think he could seriously grow into a special player. He has soft hands with a solid frame, and possesses the confidence to challenge opposing players of varying size and skill levels.