By: DeAjai Dawkins

6’0 2025 Cedric Kenan

Shortly after announcing his reclassification into the class of 2025, Kenan made it a purpose to play the weekend with a high level of intensity and focus. Today against a talented Virginia Warriors squad, he was undoubtedly the team’s most engaged player. He played with intensity until the final buzzer sounded, even when it looked as if momentum was solely on the other team’s side. His ability to both attack and finish at the rim, hit the open three, and defend both guard positions will fair him well during his high school career. 

6’4 2024 Jacob Hand (Louisville Prospects/Holy across) 

Jacob Hand is a varsity-level wing that caught my attention this morning with very strong play. The talented slasher stands out due to his frame at this stage in his development. Solid when attacking the basket and showed some mid-range prowess to him. His high school should see a very productive season from him. 

6’4 2024 Amari Latham (East Carolina Elite 2024) 

Latham has been receiving modest praise from others for as long as I’ve been watching him, clearly presenting himself as a prospect to watch. At this stage in his development, Latham fits somewhere between a mid-post forward and a wing. He’s a matchup issue given his size and ability to score within the perimeter. Latham is a wing with very promising size for this age and has the frame to compete at a high level. Further development of his offensive game could start bringing colleges into the mix, if they haven’t already started inquiring. 

6’5 2024 Cam Scott (Team United 2024) 

After establishing what has become a clearly special presence on the national basketball scene, I have finally gotten the opportunity to see the #10 nationally ranked prospect in the class of 2024. Cam Scott is a long, fluid off-guard that’s a truly capable 3-level scorer at this moment. Primarily, Scott thrives in downhill situations, knifing his way through the lane. In transition, he’s quick-witted and makes the right decisions more often than not. He’s really done a good job of finding open teammates, and if facilitation is another skill of his then I have serious reason to believe that the respect for his game will only continue to blossom. 

5’10 2024 Samuel Wilson (Louisville Prospects)

The quick lead guard had an impressive handle that he displayed in the game I watched from him. He touched the paint with easy and had a few acrobatic finishes that made me curious to see how he’d handle varsity-level rim protection. Wilson is undoubtedly a variety-level player in my opinion, with a strong body and a skillset that should only continue to develop.

 6’2 2024 Isaac Higgs (Virginia Warriors 15U)

More of an unorthodox prospect, Higgs showed impressive assertion on the low block. At 6’2-6’3, you don’t often see a player make it a purpose to contribute primarily from the block, but Higgs is talented at it. The wing has solid post moves as a whole, and very good footwork to complement the creativity. Solid rebounder with an assertive nature on the floor.

6’0 2022 Dontavius Paige and Toni Akinyelu  (ACE Elite 17U)

This duo caught my eye today by providing clear advantages for their teams in their own way. Dontavius led his talented ACE Elite team in scoring and was efficient from the line. Toni Akinyelu is a wing with the physical on makeup for the next level. The wing is fluid with both interior and perimeter capabilities. Rebounded well today

6’2 2023 Josiah Watkins (NL Disciples)

I’ve been watching Josiah for almost a full year, and this entire time I thought he was nearly two years older than he actually is. The lead guard has extremely noticeable speed in the open floor and is a true transition threat. Gets to the basket and finishes extremely well for the high school level. If he was a consistent perimeter scorer, I feel as if colleges would be inquiring at this very moment.