By: DeAjai Dawkins

6’3 2023 Cole Calloway (Dive On It 2023) 

Cole finished his weekend with a 38 point game. He had a 34 earlier yesterday. While I can’t confirm whether or not he averaged 30+ on the weekend, he has certainly been electric. The rising junior has already established himself as one of the elite shooters in NC’s class of 2023. Provides a stellar personality along with leadership qualities. 

6’4 2025 Robert Moore (Team United 15U) 

Robert Moore is a player who I intend on tracking through the duration of his high school career. I am honestly disappointed that it took me this long to find him for the first time. Moore serves as an elite marksman on the wing with a long frame and unbelievable awareness off the ball. He knows where to be and when. Impacted this game on a serious level. 

6’1 2026 Kyzen Coleman (CC Heat)

Very new to the game of basketball, a young Kyzen Coleman is a player that I believe can emerge into a force. The Concord native comes from a county where basketball is approached with pride from all angles, and I believe this will ultimately motivate him down the line. He currently knows how to use his length for vantage, and gets to the rim fairly well. Finished the weekend as his team’s leading scorer. 

5’8 2026 Cam Newman (Team Charlotte)

One of, if not, the most advanced scorer in his age group this weekend. The young guard approached the game with the confidence of a varsity-level athlete. I believe his best asset as of now is he shotmaking off the dribble, but I think his capabilities as a scorer may go on to exceed that in time. For now, I’ll enjoy simply watching him work.