By: DeAjai Dawkins

6’2 2023 Dallas Gardner (Flight 9) 

Easily one of the most talented players of the entire event, Gardner most certainly stands apart from his competition. The springy athlete has the scoring prowess, competitiveness, and athletic ability to compete at the next level. After transferring to Charlotte Country Day, there were many questions as to whether or not Gardner would reclass. While he’s remaining in the class of 2023, it’s evident to me that either way, he’ll find success.

6’6 2023 Gabriel Tooper (Fort Mill Force) 

Tooper is a scholarship-level talent out of Fort Mill that I believe is flying under many people’s radars. The lengthy wing has a solid frame with a nice blend of three level scoring to compliment it. I believe that if you point out a player specifically for their length, their scoring ability, their defensive impact, or their sneaky strength, Tooper can compete with them in any of the respective categories. Truly an impact player. 

6’8 2023 Brandon Crawford (HYB Raps Extreme) 

Brandon has exceptional length down low. One of the more solid rim protectors of the entire event, the Irmo, SC product will be able to bring a level of two-way versatility to his school. Crawford slows flashes of consistent above rim finisher as well, that flushed a number of powerful dunks this weekend. Confidence will be a big piece for Crawford, as I believe he’s capable of impacting the game at an even higher level than I believe he currently understands. If he does begin playing with more confidence, who knows where Brandon Crawford could find himself by the end of his senior year.

6’5 2022 Josiah Evely (Winston 76ers 2022 Johnson) 

From the first time I saw Evely nearly 6 months ago, he has been a very consistent performer for this group every time I’ve watched him play. Evely has noteworthy length on the wing and is clearly this team’s primary scorer. Can hit from deep, uses his length to finish at the rim, and is no slouch defensively. Finished with 27 this morning. 

6’7 2025 Trent Steinour (@Riptide2025) 

Steinour has some of the highest upside that I’ve watched this weekend, standing at a true 6’7 with agility and overall fluidity that I don’t usually see from players his height. Steinour was one of the more eye-popping contributions to this roster today, and would likely be given his sheer size alone. His skill-level at this very moment was promising to me, as he seems to only need to continue polishing on the set of tools he’s already developed. Very likely to blossom into something special.

5’11 2025 Jack Sullivan (Riptide 2025) 

Jack Sullivan is a player that is prone to immediately catch the eyes of onlookers. He plays with such a clear level of passion, and that’s displayed in his vocal contributions alone. His vocal presence and on-court energy are difficult to match. When he’s most engaged, he’s a forced to be reckoned with downhill. If he played angry all the time, it’d be scary. Continue to expand on his perimeter reliability will help as well.

6’2 2025 Asher Tolbert (Pro Skills Winston Salem UA). 

One of the more impressive wing prospects I saw this weekend, Tolbert leaves spectators with a good bit to anticipate. The lengthy wing prospect appears to be ready for varsity basketball at this very in my opinion, despite not presenting a build indicative of experience in a high school weight room. Tolbert currently serves as solid scorer with a bit of a facilitative feel to him. I believe his game will likely expand over time. 

6’5 2024 Luis Rivera (CSB Elite) 

Luis has been dominant this weekend, as he’s made a habit out of in the last 6 months. He led his team in scoring, while contributing primarily down low with some of the softest hands you’ll find in a prospect at his age. His teammates clearly trust his ability to score on the inside, and they seem to ensure that he gets the ball.