By; DeAjai Dawkins

6'7 2023 Matai Baptiste (Vaughn Panthers Basketball 16U)

Arguably my most memorable prospect from this weekend, Baptiste and his Vaughn Panthers Basketball Club made the trip from Canada on a clear mission. The 6'7 faceup forward is built for the college game with a frame that will only continue to stack on muscle. Baptiste is fluid and handles the ball fairly well for his position/age. Not very fast with the ball, but impactful off the dribble nonetheless. Has shown capability hitting the three-ball, expanding on this will do wonders for his recruitment. Could contribute at any level of college basketball he chooses.

6'3 2023 Julius Joseph-Brown (Vaughn Panthers Basketball 16U)

Much like his aforementioned teammate, Julius Joseph-Brown had an eye-catching performance this weekend. Performing as one of the most advanced lead guards in his age division, Joseph-Brown presented a display of athleticism that was unrivaled by any other lead guard performing in this event. He got to the basket and finished with ease, shot the ball with confidence, made simple plays that contributed to winning. College coaches will certainly take interest if they haven't begun to already

2022 6'3 Antoine Piper (Anthony Morrow Elite)

The powerful off-guard has finally begun to reap the benefits of his hard work, receiving modest interest following his play in the month of June. Piper is a strong, athletic prospect that favors the short corner to mid-range area the most. He's a talented low-post option that attacks defenders and makes it a purpose to get to the line for easy points. I believe schools will value his hard work on both ends and his ability to compete physically at an early stage.

2026 Tramaine Hunter (Carolina Sonics Basketball 2023)

He impressed me this weekend, playing three years above his respective age group while staying the fastest player on the floor. Hunter attacked the rim with confidence and had a block on the opposing team's tallest player. He's still very young and fairly undersized, but his talent level alone was worth