By; DeAjai Dawkins

6’0 2023 Caleb Senyo (NLPB 803) 

Caleb has built a reputation of one of the more consistent, tough guards in his class. He’s become known in my eyes for challenging top guards and facilitating at a high level. His court vision has been remarkable, now he’s starting to really expand his scoring capabilities altogether. He’s just as defensively focused as he was this previous school year, where he averaged 5.7 steals per game. 

6’5 2022 Jack McEarlean (Carolina Legend 2022) 

Jack is a razor-sharp slashing guard with quick hands on the defensive end. He found ways to get to the basket from the perimeter with minimal dribbles, and makes impressive use of his length, He plucks away on-ball steals at an impressive rate and operates both on and off the ball. There was a second half sequence in which McEarlean stripped two consecutive on ball steals, got a basket out of one and an assist out of the other.

6’4 2024 Abubaki Yarmah (Virginia Warriors Elite 15U) 

Abubaki is oozing with potential as a rising sophomore. The forward prospect has good defensive instincts and defends the post well. He runs the floor like a wing and is an impactful player on both ends. He played in the post this morning, but I feel like his talents are more suitable for a slashing role on the wing. 

6’0 2022 Jordan Marsh (PSB Elite 17U Larkin)

I’ve known Jordan Marsh to be a naturally gifted scorer since he was in the 7th grade. His athleticism began making significant strides around his 8th grade year, and that has carried on to now. Today, Marsh has very noteworthy athleticism to go along with his deep shooting capabilities. That leaping ability aids him finishing at the rim, and his lateral quickness aids his defensive impact.

6’4 2023 Brock Rose (Team Synergy 16U) 

Ardrey Kell has a potential gem in 2023 Brock Rose. Rose has continued to improve into a very solid offensive threat from the off-guard spot. He’s shooting the ball at a high clip and getting to the rim with ease, a promising sign given his length. He’s established himself as one of the most talented players of the weekend, and many that watch him play leave with raving opinions about the young guard/wing. 

6’5 Elijah Kelly (Virginia Warriors Elite 15U) 

Elijah is a skilled wing that acts as a combo guard for his team. He shows comfort from the perimeter and the ability to put the ball on the floor and get to the rim consistently. He currently thrives with a very stiff handle that guides him to the rim given his length. As his fluidity continues to develop, his game should accompany nicely. 

5’10 2025 Hezekiah Ponder (Defenders 16U)

Defenders 16U has played an age group up this weekend, being partially led by Hezekiah Ponder who is playing two age groups ahead of his own. The 2025 guard is a downhill bully, asserting himself in half-court settings and using the drive to set up open scorers. He didn’t initially appear to be a quick player, but his quickness off the dribble especially caught me off guard.

2022 6’3 Antonio Perkins (Anthony Morrow Elite) 

Anthony spent the greater part of his high school career as a sharpshooting threat for Hopewell High School. Perkins is extending his offensive capabilities as he continues to prepare himself to for the upcoming season. Already a solid shooter, he’s beginning to work on his passing and overall maturity on the floor. 

6’0 2023 Sebastin Akins (Defenders 16U Wilson) 

Sebastian had a productive day in a win this morning. Led his team in scoring with 24, shot the ball well and got to the rim. One of the more unique situations on this list, Akins was apart of West Cabarrus High School’s inaugural season. He’ll have an opportunity to permanently cement himself in his school’s legacy as one of the most successful players from the team’s original class.