6’4 2026 Josiah Johnson (Fayetteville Academy)

After watching a morning display of overpowering smaller defenders in the low post, rebounding at a high level, and defending with purpose, I had to inquire about Josiah Johnson. When I asked him, I was expecting to hear about a rising senior looking to solidify the college he’ll call home the next for years. This is a rising freshman in high school. Johnson shows a great deal of promise as a rising freshman, with a presence and physique could easily be mistaken for a senior. His alpha-like mentality paired with good hands and a willingness to take contact spells out a prospect that will be nothing but productive for the entirety of his high school career.

6’7 2023 Jordan Pyke (Shining Light Academy)

One of the more popular players of the weekend, Jordan Pyke draws onlookers due to his impressive leaping ability. You’re liable to catch him attempting 360 slams in warmups, as well as using both his length and athleticism to challenge defenders at the rim. On the floor,Pyke is a wing with budding skill and soft hands. Pyke is solid at getting into the lane and knocking down floaters, which is splendid considering his natural ability to elevate. This team’s most enticing piece, Pyke is a player that coaches should be monitoring.

6’5 2025 Zacch Wiggins (Grimsley)

Zacch Wiggins first caught my attention as an 8th grader playing alongside his loaded CP3 2025 unit. Then, Wiggins popped out given his length and athleticism. Today, Wiggins continues to intrigue me as a wing with the length and vertical ability to assume roles 3-5 for this team. He’s showing a lot more comfort pushing the ball in transition than I remember during last year’s playoffs. Wiggins has for sure developed since his freshman year, and should only continue to see his role expand over the course of his time in high school.

6’3 2024 Alex Taylor (Grimsley)

A 4-star prospect on the gridiron, Alex Taylor embodies an athlete in multiple sense of the word. Taylor is a well-built guard that shows true two-way potential entering his junior season. His ability to attack with his head up and embrace contact should come as no surprise given his experience in football. You could very easily mistake him as a player solely focused on securing an offer in basketball, given the unwavering energy Taylor brings to the game at all times. Could very well lead this team in scoring this season.

6’3 2023 Kimman Power (Carolina International)

Carolina International has had a special guard on their hands for quite some time now. Power’s leadership has taken leaps over the course of the 2 years I’ve seen him develop. His ability to knock down contested mid range jumpers off the dribble should not go unnoticed, as well as his willingness to assume his team’s toughest defensive assignment. There is no question that Kimman Power will be a heavy catalyst to this team’s success this year.

2026’s Kendre Harrison & Dionte Neal (Reidsville)

It rarely makes sense to me to highlight a duo in these standout lists, unless that duo happens to play off of one another so well that it must be mentioned. Please do not be mistaken, Kendre Harrison and Dionte Neal are both well deserving of individual recognition, but today I have to pair the two. I was absolutely blown away with the comfort-level and familiarity these two play with at the varsity level. You’d think the pair have not only played a high school season before, but have already seen success at the varsity level. Neal is a lighting quick guard with sharp vision and the ability to execute tough passes, while Harrison is a massive forward with excellent hands. Already a legitimate lob threat as 2026’s.

2024 AJ Parsley (Mooresville)

Hard to find a guard with more fire and poise than AJ Parsley. The embodiment of “playing with a chip on his shoulder”, Parsley is extremely calculated in his approach. I’d love to know what kind of student AJ is, as he’s extremely intelligent on the floor. Makes elite-level reads at the high school level, takes pride in defense, and is the driving catalyst to a well coached approach. Pairing a sharp basketball mind like Coach Moore with a true point guard like AJ Parsley could spell even more success for the Blue Devils.

2023 Jordan Cooper (Wayne Country Day)

Jordan Cooper is a college basketball player, don’t overthink it. Cooper is a gifted, entertaining prospect that keeps defenders honest regardless of his point of attack. It’s a shame how some on-lookers will disregard a clearly special blend of offensive skill and athletic gifts, all because of a 5’11 frame. I believe Jordan will bring a college program an athletic floor general with the willingness to both learn and develop.