By: DeAjai Dawkins

5’10 2025 Eli Ellis (Big Shots 17U/Moravian) 

Has there been a player more spoken about this weekend? Likely not. Eli has made a name for himself as a consistent lead guard that plays in a constant mode of attack. He’s a stellar shooter with a rugged mentality that reminds me of Payton Pritchard of the Boston Celtics. Ellis plays with no fear in the face of older competition, and I believe his composure along with his skill will ultimately propel him to noteworthy heights. 

6’3 2022 Nik Graves (Garner Road)

One of the most detail-oriented players I’ve gotten a chance to see at the high school level. Offensively and defensive, Graves is a very meticulous lead guard with a well-built frame and high IQ. I believe his combination of traits presents a  recipe for a successful college guard at the Division One level. Coaches have already begun extending offers, and I only expect that to continue.

6’4 2023 Evan Ashemore (Next Level Elite/J.L Chambers) 

Evan is an extremely competitive off-guard with impressive length and advanced perimeter shooting capabilities. His ability to shoot paired with his length and energy level on the floor should entice onlookers. He has legitimate two-way potential at the next level, with two remaining seasons at what will be widely recognized as one of, if not, the best high school(s) in the state. 

6’4 2024 Kameron Tinsley (VA Havoc/Cave Spring) 

Kameron seems to have his best basketball ahead of him. The rising sophomore wing has an exceptionally long, wiry frame and is confident operating as a primary option. Fair prowess from all 3 levels, he could contribute as a varsity-level go-to option. High upside prospect with the remainder of his potential resting solely in his hands.