By; DeAjai Dawkins

6’4 2021 Lureon Walker (NC Wildcats 2022)
When speaking on 2021 Lureon Walker, I struggle to find words that will prevent me from sounding like a broken record. There are few unsigned seniors that have surprised me in the way Walker has, and the surprise only seems to grow every game I watch him play. The surprise factor is simple; Walker is a combo guard standing around 6’4 with a long frame, above the rim athleticism, three-level scoring capabilities, and a mild-mannered approach to adversity. His most attractive trait in my eyes is his consistency, constantly performing like one of, if not, the most talented players on the floor. I try to refrain from making statements about what a player has rightfully earned regarding collegiate attention, as I am not a college coach. With that being said, I have absolutely no apprehension in saying that Lureon Walker deserves to be on a college roster next season.

6’4 2023 Dylan Purnell (Garner Road Bryant 16U)
Dylan Purnell was one of the most impressive players I watched today. The 6’4 combo guard operated as one of his team’s primary initiators, and showed why he’s trusted with such heavy quantities of offensive responsibility. While it has a while to go, the confidence Purnell already possesses is noteworthy. He’s capable of scoring from all three levels but favors the mid-range pull up. I believe that his attraction to the mid-range stems from his ability to blow by defenders with his first step. He has not established himself as a consistent finisher through contact, but I believe when that happens his offensive threats will be highlighted that much more. 

6’3 2021 Jaheim Taylor (Hart Select 17U) 
Jaheim Taylor stood out amongst his peers with his aggressive approach to the game as well as the hang time he maintains in the air. Jaheim is one of his team’s primary initiators as well as their most reliable on-ball defender. I think his most attractive trait for college coaches to take note of are his defensive talents. A coach would be able to take his current frame and mentality, build muscle onto that frame, and begin preparing him to defend at the college level. 

6’3 2024 Camden Edmonds (Winston 76ers 15U)
Edmonds made his presence felt early in the first half of game one. Edmonds is one of the more consistent shooters I’ve seen today, with a form as close to a perfect as I’ve seen today. Edmonds displayed comfort utilizing shot fakes as well as the occasional head fake to throw defenders off. While he has not evolved to turning these fakes into combos, I believe he’s currently developing his offensive arsenal into something dangerous. At the very least, expect an eventual sharpshooting varsity-level threat out of Ethan.