By: DeAjai Dawkins

2023 Keyon Webb (Sheed Wallace Select 17U/NC GBB Academy) 

After getting the opportunity to watch him play a few times this summer, I have a firm understanding of the reason why Keyon Webb has been receiving so much praise. The facilitative-minded guard has had as composed of a summer display as anyone: he thinks the game at an impressive level, rarely forcing situations or overcompensating for a lack of action. Capable open shooter as well, his development most dm certainly doesn’t end here. 

6’3 Elijah Thomas (Sheed Wallace Select/NC GBB Academy)

Between him and his teammate Lureon Walker, there have been very few combo guards that have shown the same level of consistency in the last calendar year. The combo guard initially caught my attention with his length and ability to finish at the rim. Today he’s scoring from all 3 levels, and displaying the athleticism that’s earned him a few highlight-worthy plays. Curious to see which program lands him.

6’9 2023 Dyllan Barnwell (Team Vision NC/ Asheville Christian)

Dyllan has been one of the most eye-popping of the day so far. The rising junior has towering size and championship experiencing, helping capture the 2020-2021 NCISAA 3A title. Bar well runs the floor fairly well and establishes himself on the low block. Smaller defenders struggle to maintain themselves why Barnwell is fighting for positioning, let alone stopping him once he gets the ball. He’s shown very impressive fluidity from the perimeter in warmups and was flushing a variety of eye-catching dunks. Another season alongside NC’s #1 2022 player De’Ante Green should pay dividends, especially by Barnwell’s senior season when he’s the key interior big. 

6’4 2022 Bralen Morris (NCSpartans Hartzell 17U/West Forsyth) 

Bralen is a bit of a “tweener”, with his size and skill level falling somewhere between an off-guard and a wing player. Morris uses his strong frame to finish through contact at the rim. He defended well today and was active on the glass, ultimately making him one of his group’s most overall transferable pieces. Morris may not have been the highest scorer, but his combination of physical traits as well as ability definitely was enough to keep my eyes open. Looking forward to Morris’ senior season has had a productive morning from the wing. Active, well-built player that uses his strength to attack the rim. Absorbs contact fairly well. #PhenomSummerHavoc

6’3 2022 Julian Kiett (PCH Nightrydas/Irmo) 

Find me a player in the gym tougher than Julian Kiett and I’ll walk with you to go see them for myself. Kiett embodies what coaches look for when searching for “dogs” to play for them. His intensity on the defensive end is one of his more notable traits, with his face telling the story of how locked in he is each possession. He has a desire to secure on-ball steals, and his team really feeds off of his defensive momentum overall. Aside from simply performing on the defensive end, Kiett is an elite athlete. The type of player that immediately makes you wonder if he plays football, without sacrificing any skill. In my opinion, Julian is a no-brainer scholarship level player. I think he’d thrive in a conference known for its physical play, and aggressively versatile guards.