By; DeAjai Dawkins

6’1 2025 Isaiah Henry (Team EAT)

After numerous times watching Isaiah Henry play in 2021, it’s become very clear that he’s a 2025 player that is capable of making a standout list in almost any tournament he plays in. Some may find that unfair, but what I’ve been witnessing Henry do to his competition is a bit unfair as well. Isaiah is a sizable combo guard teetering toward elite scoring prowess for his age. For starters, Isaiah’s mechanics on his jumpshot are pure. The way the ball rotates off his fingers as well as the path it travels to the basket reminds me of an elder Ray Allen. As of now, he’s bigger than a majority of the guards he plays against, so getting to the rim and finishing through contact hasn’t been much of an issue. I’d like to see a 2025 prospect step up and really challenge Isaiah this weekend, something I’ve been waiting on for some time now.

5’9 2025 Kaleron Fortune (Upward Stars Columbia 2025)

Kaleron is the image of a natural-born gifted athlete. Standing at 5’9, Kaleron is a blur when he’s pushing the ball in transition and has the stereotypical “football strength” that makes defenders hesitant to step in front of him at full speed. I was impressed with his motor more than anything today, making his presence felt around basketball at all times. I think of the concept of “flying to the football” when I watch Kaleron play, as he’s someone that provides maximum effort at all times. He was simply near the ball during the entire game against Team Hope. I’d love to see what position he plays in football and how his game translates to the field, I’m sure he’s exceptional out there.

6’2 2026 Korie Colbit (Richland County Rebels) 

Korie initially caught my eye with one play this weekend, and I was locked in from that point forward. He retrieved a loose ball at the top of his own key, took two hard dribbles, held the ball slightly above his head and used his length to stride his way to the basket. It’s rare that I see a 7th grader with Korie’s size at the guard spot; much rarer to see one who knows how to use that size like Colbit does. I think he’s someone that could develop into a very special talent, as he still has a year prior to his first year of high school to develop a true, varsity-level offensive arsenal. I know for a fact there are a number of competitive Junior Varsity squads that could benefit from the addition of a 7th grade Korie Colbit. 

6’0 2025 Jonah Lawrence (Team EAT)

Jonah is another player on Team EAT’s roster who I’ve watched previously, and was initially captivated by his solid height and length at the guard spot. He displayed a healthy balance of scoring tonight, contributing 15 points from all 3 levels on the floor. I personally believe Jonah’s frame leaves him room to stretch out a bit, and in the event that it happens, he’ll be providing a solid skillset some size to go along with it. His jumpshot has improved since I last watched him, and a few mechanical adjustments could turn him into a very reliable shooter. He shows comfort attacking the rim and is an occasional threat to score through contact Jonah is another name I believe deserves to be tracked as he prepares to begin high school.