6’6 ’22 Trey Ramsey (Foothills Legacy 15U) – Ramsey was unreal throughout the weekend 1st game I saw him put up a 36 point double-double with at least 6 blocks and I may be shorting him some  2nd and 3rd game another double-double.  Ramsey was very impressive and it wasn’t just all putbacks he ran the floor better players much smaller than him and he also has range out to the 3 point line. He has soft hands catches any pass you give him and has good footwork.  Defensively of all the games, I saw he was the best post player on that end of the court regardless of age or grade he blocked shots in and out of his area has good enough lateral quickness to guard if he got switched to smaller players.  I’m really excited about seeing what he becomes going forward, the NC 2022 class has a new name to monitor.

6’3 ’21 Kevon Ferrell (VA Elite Southside) – Ferrell bring a tremendous amount of energy, he is an athletic versatile player who can play either forward position.  He is a smart defender that is capable of guarding on the perimeter and down low. Even though he’s not the biggest he was one of the better rebounders I saw over the weekend. Ferrell competed in the low post to get double-digit rebounds and either altered or block shots of anyone willing to come down and try him. Ferrell has a lot of tools to work with he has some good coaches on the sideline so I know they will get him prepared.

6’0 ’21 Courdae Gravely (VA Elite Southside) – Gravely won’t wow you with athleticism or speed but the young man can play he has an old school feel to his game.  When things start to break down he will get things back settled and get them moving in the right direction. Gravely shot the ball well and is pretty crafty around the basket and has a good change of pace to keep his defender off balance.  What impressed me the most was I never saw him get rattled with anything the defense threw at him can’t wait to see him two years from now with some added weight.

6’1 ’20 Andrew Shull (Renegades)- I’m a fan of Andrew Shull over the past  two  weekends I have seen him play 6 games and he flat out produces each game. He doesn’t pass the eye test but 2 minutes into the game he is already getting faced guarded held and everything else they can do to stop him and none of it works.  Young man finished one game with 31 points 20 coming in the 1st half  one sequence he scored 11 straight points I  saw him score 17 straight without a miss and it was from all 3 levels. Not sure what his recruitment is but he is worth the price of admission and coaches need to starting looking into him TODAY!

6’5 ’21 Treyvon Byrd (NC Ice) – Anytime NC Ice is playing go head and get your popcorn ready! Byrd had a dunk go viral last year on Saturday alone he had 3 that could go viral anytime he touches the lane he can take flight. Byrd is a very athletic wing that can also do more than dunk he actually plays point guard for his team and once he breaks defense down he makes good reads. On defense, he uses his length to his advantage whether guarding on the perimeter or in the post. Byrd has a ton of potential if he can show he can knock it down consistently from behind the arc he will be a wanted man by many colleges.

6’2 ’23 Kobe George (Team Felton 2021)– I’m going to start this off by saying he isn’t your average 8th grader reason being  he is only 13 and is the age of most 7th graders and he played and produced in the 16/17 division.  Kobe will have one of the highest basketball IQs each time he touches the floor and I’m not comparing him to Leaky Black but he does fill the stat sheet up the same way Black does. George is a long 6’2 and uses that length to his advantage on defense he really puts pressure on the ball comes up a lot of deflections. Offensively he is a smooth operator it wouldn’t surprise me in the upcoming years you see the name Kobe George and a triple-double in the same sentence. George still has a long way to go before he is a senior but if I’m a coach I’m keeping a close eye on his progression.