6’4 ’20 Ahmil Flowers (Greensboro Warriors)

Flowers has been around the whole time but was mostly known as a run and jump athlete but now his skill development has caught up with his athleticism. Now that his light is starting to shine a little brighter Flowers has a chance to see ranking and recruitment rise tremendously over the course of the next couple months.  Offensively he does a great job getting downhill, picking his spots, and is now starting to shoot the ball with consistency. For the Greensboro Warriors he is used all over the floor and is more than capable in starting the offense and can be used as a secondary ball handler. If you know about the stock market Ahmil Flowers is a buy now prospect

6’7 ’21 Christian Titus (Team Cobras)

A new post player a lot of people never heard of and is worth monitoring is Christian Titus.  Titus is 6’7 280 pounds who possesses good hands and feet, he did a good job of using his body to carve out space which allowed him to finish with good touch around the rim while also having a nice touch from 15 feet out, as well as making a major impact in the rebound department.  Once Titus gets into better shape he will be an even better prospect he was one of the most productive post players I saw in the 2021 class over the weekend and one to monitor for the class.

5’11 ’21 Noah Watkins (Team Cobras)

Watkins is a good two-way player who did a great job of playing smart and dictating the action on both ends of the floor. He made good decisions with the ball in his hands never forcing the issues and getting points in the flow of the offense. Watkins scored the ball effectively on all three levels and is a sniper from deep. Watkins showcased quality vision, especially when attacking the basket.  Watkins has a calm demeanor never got rattled and plays with a great motor. He caused havoc on the defensive end with relentless ball pressure which allowed him to force numerous turnovers and push transition play.

6’3 ’21 Daniel Cooper (Team Cobras)

In 2 of the 4 games Cooper received MVP with a scoring outburst of 25 points in the Tar Heel Silver Bracket Championship. Cooper is currently a combo forward who can play inside and out and is developing more wing like skills. He plays with a high motor and did a tremendous job of finishing around the rim. Cooper displayed that he a very active on the defensive end and plays with a lot of fire and is very good rebounder already at a young age. Cooper plays above the rim, runs the floor well and likes to get out in transition and is a solid shot blocker.

5’9 ’21 Kadyn Dawkins (Team Cobras)

Dawkins showed out the gate that he is a high level shooter with a quick trigger that opens up driving lanes for teammates while forcing defenders to stay attached to him. He is a high IQ player that doesn’t force things takes what you give him and makes you pay. On the defensive side of the ball he sits low and comes away with a numerous amount of on ball steals and deflections. Dawkins ability to run a team and his playmaking skills also stands out with his ability to attack either going left or right and pass with either hand getting his scorers involved.  You mix that in with his quickness and ability to score, while getting to the rim to finish over taller defenders with floaters and midrange jumpers he should be a 2021 prospect to monitor this travel ball season.

5’10 ’21 Camian Shell (Team Winston)

Shell is a hard nose point guard who really causes havoc defensively. Shell was one of the better on ball defenders in the event regardless of class, during the games I saw he came up with at least 3 steals a game and caused many other turnovers. Shell is problematic for opponents in transition and does a great job of securing rebounds over bigger players for his size. The well-rounded guard prospect didn’t score a ton this weekend like he did for his high school, but he did a lot of everything else and had no problem making an impact with his energy level. Shell is another 2021 guard worth to monitor young man really knows how to lead a team and has unbelievable court vision.

6’4 ’21 Caden Davis (Team Winston)

Davis is a physical guard that absorbs contacts and plays with a lot of tenacity. Offensively Davis does a good job creating for himself and uses his 6’4 frame to body smaller defenders to the basket. On the defensive end Davis uses his athletic ability to secure rebounds over bigger opponents and looks to jump passing lanes to get steals and once that happens he is looking to finish above the rim. Davis has a chance to be really good and is just scratching the surface of what he could be in the future.

5’10 ’21 Tony Waters (Team Charlotte)

Waters has really improved at the Point Guard position over the years did a good  job attacking the paint and finishing either for himself or kicking out to open teammates. I was most impressed with Waters improved jump shot in years past he was only looking to get to the basket now he has the ability to really shoot it from deep. Defensively Waters is part of that Team Charlotte culture that produces tough kids and he is a ball hawk who can sit down and guard full court makes you get real uncomfortable and come up with steals or force you to make mistakes.

6’4 ’21 Bryce Alfino (Team Charlotte)

Alfino had one of the most productive showing of anyone over the weekend not only for 2021 but overall and in my opinion is ranked too low in the NC ranking which I’m sure he won’t be by the end of the summer. Alfino showed a nice burst while getting in the lane and finished well around the rim. Alfino shooting ability and 6’4 frame made him hard to guard through the event. It wouldn’t surprise me if Alfino moves over to more of a point guard in the near future he showcased he could handle the ball under pressure get to any spot he wanted and find open teammates he is a long strider and is able to cover a lot of ground quickly.  Defensively he showcased he could step out and guard quicker players as well and make and impact in the rebounding department.

6’5 ’21 Tyler Fearne (Team Charlotte)

Fearne who’s dad is an Assistant Coach at UNCC was one of the more intriguing prospects that I saw over the weekend.  Fearne showcased a very consistent shot during the course of the weekend and I will call him a corner ball specialist. Very intriguing prospect to monitor going forward still looks to be growing and with added weight to his slender frame could turn out to be something special.

6’3 Zavier Neely ’23 (Team Felton)

Neely was one of the better middle school players in Guilford County this year and he continues that strong play over the weekend. The young prospect was the defensive anchor in the middle for Team Felton controlling the glass and daring anyone to come to the lane. Neely has a nice frame with long limbs with range out to 15 feet. Neely has a ton of potential and with continued work he could be an asset to whatever High School he ends up at next year.