By: DeAjai Dawkins

6’5 2023 Trey Tisdale (RJ Reynolds) 

Trey caught my eye at the beginning of day one with one of the more unique releases I’ve seen in a while. His shot mechanics are solid, and his length grants him the ability to shoot over smaller defenders. I watched him stand out amongst his group for the duration of the academy, and I was impressed by him. He’s clearly a player that can serve as a leader for a varsity program, and RJ Reynolds is likely to get two remaining seasons of high productivity from Tisdale.

2023 6’0 Caleb Ellison (Reagan) 

I was grateful to come across Caleb Ellison this weekend, as he’s an example of a player that could contribute on a college roster one day. His circumstance is becoming more and more noticeably common amongst talented, undersized guards. Rather than a lack of talent, or even a late bloom, Ellison is simply a prospect that has gone under-recognized due to a lack of exposure. He is a quick and creative lefty that has stood out this weekend amongst his peers. Should see a solid high school season from him this year 

6’1 2024 Cameron Flippen (Dudley) 

Cameron Flippen is a player I first watched at the Rise facility about a month ago, and was extremely intrigued. Flippen is a well built, compact combo guard that can assume lead guard responsibilities. He’s difficult to stop downhill, and even more difficult to contain when he’s hitting from beyond the arc. Don’t be fooled by his muscular frame, he’s just as competent from the perimeter as almost anyone on the floor with him. 

6’2 2024 Jahon Foster (Forsyth Country Day) 

Jahon is a player who I believe will be commanding more attention as time passes. He’s a lefty combo guard that will likely get a number of opportunities to serve as a lead guard. Does a good job of using his craftiness to get into the paint, and has shown the ability to locate and hit open teammates. I watched a Foster knock down the open three and will only grow more dangerous as that becomes consistent. With 2025 Q Williams in the mix, FCDS has one of the more promising young backcourts in the state.

6’7 2025 Christopher Eagan (Charlotte Catholic)

One of the more impressive young players I’ve watched today, Christopher Eagan is going to be a player that will prove to be extremely important for this group long term. Eagan already possesses the size to establish himself on the low-block and command entry passes. While he isn’t a rim protector yet, his size leads me to believe that he can eventually adopt the characteristics of one. 

6’3 2024 Maddox Watson (Southlake Christian Academy). 

Maddox separated himself from his peers as a solid shooter with the ability to create for himself off the bounce. While I wouldn’t consider him a slasher, Watson isn’t hesitant with the ball in his hands, and can still create even when the shot isn’t open. Overall, he makes winning plays on both ends and moves well enough without the ball to stand out, even when he chooses not to utilize every possibility afforded to him. 

6’3 2024 Jaylen Cross (Northwest Guilford) 

Jaylen Cross is coming off a very impressive summer where his Team United squad almost captured gold at this year’s EYBL 15U games. Cross has done a good job today of displaying both his scoring talents, as well as his impressive decision-making. He currently presents coaches with a reliable scoring arsenal at this stage, and budding explosiveness. Should develop into a very talented prospect.

6’3 2023 Isaac Dobie (First Flight). 

Much like the aforementioned Watson, Dobie is a useful slashing G/W with the ability to get into the lane and finish, especially with floaters. Smooth game that could be aided by a more consistent perimeter jumpshot, but overall presents enough to be very excited about. 

6’4 2023 Enzo Geremski (Forsyth Country Day) 

Saw a lot of positive things from Enzo, a player who will be looked at to serve a glue guy’s role on a team that has yet to establish its long term identity. Geremski is a strong wing player that’ll likely contribute on the inside, as he possesses the natural motor to outwork defenders with more size. He’s shown his ability to extend beyond the perimeter, and has slashing capabilities that’ll certainly be useful at the high school level.

5’11 2024 Damani Day (Victory Christian) 

Damani is a compact lead guard that has always played with a noticeable level of comfortable with the ball in his hands. Up to this point, Day has made it clear to me that he is capable of impacting the game with both his scoring and facilitation, should develop finely over time. In order to offset the lack of size that he’s likely often criticized for, he has to continue to allow his confidence to be one of his most shining qualities. 

6’6 2024 Rakease Passmore (@ACRathletics) 

There are very few players in NC’s class of 2024 with more growing buzz surrounding their name than AC Reynold’s Rakease Passmore. The uber-athletic G/W has been flying through the air throughout the last calendar year, and has done nothing but garner attention with each leap. A lot of criticism surrounding Passmore has been a desire to see more creativity off the dribble, as well as the composure to be consistent within an offense. I see Passmore working toward some of these things, and his jumpshot is one attribute I notice taking strides over time. He could be an incredibly impressive player in about 5 years. One of the more naturally gifted athletes I’ve ever seen at his age.

6’6 2024 Draven Pilson (Forsyth Country Day) 

There was no player at the Lewis Basketball Academy that impressed me more than Draven Pilsen. Pilson is coming off an eventful summer with Team Curry, and has been a recurring name. This was the first time I was able to see him for myself, and I can easily say that Draven has the makings of a versatile forward prospect. Fair off the dribble, which is a promising sign given his true size. Curious to see how he performs during the school year when he’s looked to produce consistently. 

6’5 2024 Iverson King (Forsyth Country Day)

Like the aforementioned Pilson, Iverson King is a lengthy wing slated to suit up for Forsyth Country Day this season, and fans should be excited. Also spending his summer with Team Curry, King is approaching the season with a noticeable level of confidence, as he’ll likely be looked at as the team’s primary offensive threat. King is expanding his comfort creating his own points off the bounce, he knocks down open perimeter shots, and is playing above the rim more than I’ve ever seen from him.