6’1 ’20 Nathaniel Ledford (Flight 22 Asheville)

Ledford is a shooter you don’t want to leave open behind the arc or he’ll make you pay. Ledford is hard to guard mostly because he is always moving in that Rip Hamilton and JJ Reddick mode nonstop movement and Flight 22 does a great job of setting screens for him. He hit 21 3s including 4 in his last game and was highly efficient in his midrange pull-ups.

5’11 ‘21 Benjamin Hines (Garner Road 2021 (RW)

Hines was on fire each game I saw him making over 5 3 pointers in two of the games. He was feeling it so much couple trips down the court stopped on fast breaks to pull up from deep. If you are looking for a shooter in 2021 Hines might be worth a look.

6’3 ’20 Ty Hurst (Team Passion Elite)

He absolutely filled it up throughout the event his scoring ability is one of the best I saw over the 4 days and that makes him special. He has a deep range on his shot and enough quickness which causes defenders to second guess attempting to guard him too closely. In his 51-point performance in game two, he made 10 3-pointers yes that’s right 10!

5’10 ’20 Samuel Laydon (Low County Storm)

Laydon is as tough as they come he is so confident like he knows he the best each time out. His shot is pure from anywhere on the court and has enough sauce in his game it allows him to pull up from near volleyball line before the defender can get a hand up.

6’3 ’21 Ryan Roberts (NC Ice)

Watching the game, I told the scorekeeper to watch him he can shoot the ball after he missed his 1st couple shots they said we still watching. In a matter of minutes like he heard what they said he rattled off his next couple to finish with 4 made 3-pointers for the game.

5’10 ’21 Guard Jack Baldwin (Carolina Riptide)

In this edition of being ready when your number is called Jack Baldwin went BONKERS! He had the gym jumping after rattling of his 1st 6 3’s in a row he finally missed one but ended up making 7 for the game.

6’3 ’20 Bryce Causey (Carolina Knights)

Causey has a flame thrower, he is a shot-maker that is never afraid to pull the trigger. He has added to his game over the years mixing in a few posts moves and moves off the bounce, but his bread and butter is still shooting. Bryce moves so well without the ball always has hands and feet ready to pull and uses nice head fakes to get the defenders in the air to sidestep them for the one-dribble pullup.