Beach City Ballers

5’11 ’21 Alex Greene- The point guard showcased his handles took care of the ball and displayed a quality IQ on the offensive end of the court. Greene is a team-first guy who makes others around him better, but his calling card is shooting, and he can shoot from anywhere once crossing over the half court line.

Team Winston

As a team based on talent, they should be considered one of the better 16u teams in the state.

6’1 ’21 Omari Bolden- At times he carried the offensive burden for this team and did so in a variety of ways. Bolden got out in transition got to the basket off the bounce as well as hit from long range with consistency.

6’4 ’21 Caden Davis- I always talk about you win with certain types of players Davis is that type of player you want on your team. Davis is the glue guy he defends, rebounds dives on the floor for loose balls vocal on the defensive end the kid just makes winning plays.

6’1 ’21 Cade Darr- The saying goes shooters shoot and man this young man can really shoot the heck out of the basketball. Darr moves exceptionally well without the ball and knows how to get it off quick.

Team Loaded Ray

6’4 ’21 Kristin Mendes- Mendes did an excellent job of maintaining his impressive motor and overall energy. Mendes was a bigtime factor for Team Loaded to get the win with how active he was on the defensive end altering or blocking a shot as well as the work he did on the boards.

Manzer 17u

5’10 ’20 Payton Lewis- Lewis is a tough hardnose point guard who gets downhill and use upper body strength to finish through contact. Today he was unstoppable getting to the basket and finding teammates for drop off or kicking it out to the corner too and open teammate.

Team Loaded

6’0 ’21 Brock Williams- The quick point guard has the ball on the string which allows him to get to any spot he wants to on the floor. Once Williams gets in the lane his layup package is unreal and rarely misses once he is there. Brock is relentlessness on defense he comes up with at least 3 on ball steals a game is a pain in the butt to bring the ball up against.

6’2 ’21 Elijah Jamison- Jamison even on the 17U level he was able to have his way and bully the other team’s guard to get in the lane. He displayed a great mid-range shot when he couldn’t get to the basket. Jamison was the best rebounding guard I seen at any age during the day Jamison is impressive and have a lot to work with.

Team Charlotte

6’4 ’21 Bryce Alfino- Alfino is a bad boy he has really started to transform into a top 15 kid in NC not much he can’t do. Today he showcased not only his range, but he looks to be looking more and more like a point guard. Alfino can get rebounds and go and find cutting teammates or take it all the way to the basket dunk.

NC Empire

6’2 ’19 David Murphy- Murphy put on a clinic today was highly effective on all 3 levels. He is very quick and shifty with long limbs which allowed him to finish in the lane over taller defenders.