By; DeAjai Dawkins

2023 6’2 Jai’son Williams (WBC Elite 2023)

Jai’son has passed an unspoken test of consistency, as he’s performed with the same level of scoring dominance that he did last weekend. Williams is averaging over 20 points for the weekend, and has done an exceptional job of sharing the wealth despite the fact that he’s asserted himself as a scorer. His length allows for easy finishes at the rim, and he shows 3-level scoring potential.

2026 5’5 Landy Goolsby (Legends 13U)

Landy is the living example of why coaches stress the importance of playing with maximum effort at all times. My interest in Goolsby as an athlete lies in his unwavering motor. He’s exceptionally fast in comparison to most of his 2026 peers, and is a blur in transition. Adding facilitative habits to how threatening he is in transition may do wonders for his game. 

2024 6’0 Drew Holifield (NC Rim Runners)

If you’re a sports fan from Shelby, North Carolina, really anywhere in the Cleveland County area, you may be familiar with the last name. The Holifield family’s athletic pedigree runs so deep in the city of Shelby, I’d spend the entirety of Drew’s evaluation boasting about his family members if I tried to elaborate. Drew Holifield is a point guard standing at 6’0, who just completed his freshman season at Shelby High School. There, as a freshman, he was an All-Conference selection as well as the Lions’ second leading scorer. Drew carries himself with a level of confidence on the basketball court that takes many players a few years of varsity experience to develop. He’s capable of exceptional passes, and is talented at playing to the strengths of his teammates. He shoots the 3 ball at an efficient rate and should continue to develop on his already interesting skillset  

2025 6’4 Jackson Keith (Durham Hurricanes 2025)

I can not undersell how excited I am about Durham’s Jackson Keith; he has me extremely curious about his future. Standing at 6’4, Jackson is a player with true varsity wing talents as an 8th grader. He acts as a primary ball-handler for his Durham Hurricanes squad, despite the fact that he plays alongside numerous talented guards. He’s comfortable shooting the ball at all 3-levels, and could become consistent from 3 one day. Genetically, Jackson comes from a family that leads me to believe he’ll blossom into an even more impressive frame during his high school years. With as confident, humble, genetically gifted, and skilled as Keith is, I expect to see his name amongst highly respected 2025 prospects. 

2025 Derek Ross (NC Wildcats)

Another clearly gifted 2025 prospect, Derek Ross has an “it” factor about him at the lead guard spot that pops out almost instantly. His ability to handle the ball is often separate from the others in the gym, and maintains a competitive attitude that puts those talents to work. It seems as if Derek Ross sees every one on one situation as a challenge, not against the defender, rather a challenge to create the smartest basket when teased with a one on one situation.